New Keboola Connection

Today we have launched a brand new user interface Keboola Connection. Some of you have been already working with it and giving us feedback for a while.

Now it is available for everyone, so you can start exploring it right now. There are no big or conceptual changes so we hope everything will be familiar to you. And you'll have your work done faster.

Just a few highlights:

  • Consistent behaviour, every action provides feedback.
  • Interface doesn't lie like the old one, and pending indicators are shown for all actions so you can be sure that everything is saved when your action is complete.
  • It should be more descriptive and should guide you, we know there is still lot of work ahead of us.
  • All extractors, writers and orchestrations can be renamed
  • Faster navigation and linked relations like jobs and component configurations

Finally it is a solid base for upcoming enhancements and features. Important areas are collaboration, project overview and monitoring, better understanding and organization of data, project changelog.

We’d also love to hear your feedback, you can reach us on or if you want to be closer to development on our Github project page.

In case something went wrong you can still switch to the previous version by the link trick: just change the project url to yes, this one is old :) 


Storage Redshift dependencies

Redshift tables in Storage API cannot be deleted until its dependencies are removed. Dependencies include any Redshift alias where the source table is involved, or any view in running transformations or sandboxes.

Deleting a table that had some of these dependencies triggered an internal error. This bug is now fixed and dependencies are listed in the error response message.

Storage table rows counts and size estimates

MySQL storage tables were displaying inaccurate results. Tables loaded by full load often shown zero rows and 32KB size even if the table had many GB.

This bug is now fixed, and these estimates are updated every hour. These values are still not accurate however, as the approximations provided by MySQL are used as the source of these values and they may vary from the actual values by as much as 40 to 50%.

This bug does not affect Redshift storage, row counts and sizes are 100% accurate for Redshift and always have been.

Storage API news

Replace attributes

All attributes of table or bucket can be set by one API call 

File Storage RunId

RunId identifiing running job is associated to all Storage API Files generated by this job. At the moment files can be filtered by RunId

This is a building block for upcoming aggregation API which will be able to provide aggregated informations about jobs such as data size transfered in and out, imported or created tables etc.