Failed jobs

On Sat, Feb 25, 04:05 AM UTC+1 one of our AWS RDS server was restarted. This lead to loss of connection between our lock server and job processes. The outcome may be following

  • Orchestrations, that have all tasks successfully finished, but the orchestration itself failed
  • Failed tasks within orchestrator; the task execution finished successfully, only the job status was not saved correctly
  • Job was scheduled to execute again while it was still running, and especially in transformation jobs this lead to simultaneous execution in the same database/workspace

We will resume all orchestrations, that have failed tasks due to this outage (starting at the task following the failure).

We're sorry for this inconvenience, we're working towards mitigating this bug in the future.

Week In Review -- February 6, 2017


  • Description of transformation configuration shows up in a preview

  • Improved description of deprecated GoodData extractor migration 

  • Goodata user role Keboola Editor Plus has been extended by the following permissions:
    • canValidateProject
    • canCreateFolder
    • canManageAttribute
    • canManageAttributeLabel


  • Fixed Storage Api bug caused by unlinking a shared bucket from a project containing more shared buckets.

Failed jobs

There were  jobs failures between 1:30 AM - 3:30 AM UTC caused by flooded disk on one of our servers. We are investigating the causes of the issue.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Week In Review -- February 2, 2017

New features

Bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Fixed setting of primary key on Redshift backed table when table contained column name row_number
  • Invalid data type errors are propagated to user when loading data into sandboxes or transformations
  • Access to snowflake sandbox sometimes didn't work. Fixed.
  • Fixed frozen table selector in writers
  • CSV import - gzipped files are supported
  • It is now possible to select server version in SQL Server Database Writer:


Failing Snowflake Writer

Between Feb 02 22:40 UTC and Feb 03 17:25 UTC all Snowflake Writer jobs ended with the following error:

SQL compilation error: conflicting values file format parameter 'ESCAPE_UNENCLOSED_FIELD', SQL state 42601 in SQLPrepare.

We have identified the root cause of this issue and fixed it. All Snowflake writers should be fully operational now.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Call for testers: RStudio and Jupyter Sandboxes

We have been working on RStudio and Jupyter Notebook sandboxes (these are the missing sandboxes for R and Python transformations) for some time and we now feel that it is time to move to the next phase. 

We can now enable these on a per-user basis for early adopters. If you are interested in playing with these Sandboxes please contact us at (don't forget to tell us your KBC email).


  • Sandboxes are available only as plain sandboxes (not in a transformation bucket yet)
  • HTTPS is not yet supported.
  • Sandbox disk space is limited to 10GB.
  • Memory is limited to 8GB.
  • The UI allows loading only tables to the Sandbox. Loading input files and transformation script is supported only by the API.
  • Sandboxes will be deleted after 5 days.
  • Adding data to existing sandboxes is not supported.

Otherwise, it's like RStudio connected to your KBC project:

The CSV file locations are the same as in transformations (/data/in/tables/). In the meantime, we will work on:

  • HTTPS Support.
  • Creating better UI and integration with transformations.
  • Allowing tables and files to be added to a running sandbox.

Week In Review -- January 30, 2017


We have introduced garbage collection for MySQL sandboxes. All sandboxes will be automatically discarded after 14 days. Redshift and Snowflake sandboxes will follow soon.

BigQuery Extractor

The Extractor allows you run query with BigQuery legacy SQL or standard SQL dialect.

Snowflake Writer

Empty values are now converted to NULL when the column is set to nullable.

GoodData Extractor

Old version of GoodData extractor has been deprecated in December and will be switched off in upcoming days. Please migrate to the new version if you haven't done it yet. More information here.

Project Access Approval

Now you can require that visiting support administrators will have their access request approved by an existing project member in order to temporarily join your project. See this article for more information.

Project Access Approval

In an effort to increase account sovereignty we've introduced a new feature that will give you more control over who can access your projects and for what purposes.   It is now possible to require that visiting support administrators have their access request approved by an existing project member in order to temporarily join a project.

The setting can be found in your Account settings at the organization level.  This setting will apply to all projects within the organization.

When the support user completes the request form, an email describing the access request is sent to each project member.  

The requested access will be listed in the project settings Users section and can be approved or rejected by any active project member.

Please feel free to check out the help documentation or contact us at If you have any questions.