Shared buckets

We're happy to announce the release of the Shared Buckets  feature.  It's an easy way to share data between projects in Keboola Connection.

    This will help you:

    • Have greater organizational control over your data
    • Speedup your data workflow
    • Reduce your project usage totals

    For more details about Shared Buckets, see our User documentation. Developers can find more info in our API documentation in Apiary.

      Deleting Buckets and Snapshots

      To simplify cleanup tasks in KBC storage we've added support for deleting non-empty buckets.  You no longer have to delete any tables before deleting your bucket, so this should save some time when cleaning up your workspace.

      We've also added support for deleting table snapshots, which should be helpful when working with tables and snapshots.

      Both functions are available through the KBC Storage API, documented here: "drop bucket"  and "delete snapshot"

      Storage API news

      Replace attributes

      All attributes of table or bucket can be set by one API call 

      File Storage RunId

      RunId identifiing running job is associated to all Storage API Files generated by this job. At the moment files can be filtered by RunId

      This is a building block for upcoming aggregation API which will be able to provide aggregated informations about jobs such as data size transfered in and out, imported or created tables etc.