tag:status.keboola.com,2013:/posts Keboola Status 2017-12-04T08:55:02Z Keboola Connection "Data Framework" tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1209398 2017-12-04T08:55:02Z 2017-12-04T08:55:02Z Week in Review -- November 30, 2017

Database extractors

After recent announcement of new database extractors we are bringing other improvements to these extractors.

  • By default the new bucket is created for each extractor configuration. Previously extractor configurations were sharing one bucket which led to collisions.
  • You can reload the list of tables fetched from database. It is useful when you are tuning credentials permissions or you have just added some tables to the database. 
  • Primary key is now validated against table created in storage. Warning is thrown if the configured key is different than the key defined on the table.

Generic extractor

The new ignoreErrors option was introduced. This option allows you to force Generic Extractor to ignore certain extraction errors.  Read more in documentation.


  • Google Drive Writer in append mode was overwriting rows instead of appending new rows under some circumstances
  • Google Big Query extractor was ignoring files exported to multiple slices
  • Tableau Writer is now available in the EU region

Martin Halamíček
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1206565 2017-11-22T08:44:21Z 2017-11-22T08:44:21Z New version of AdWords Extractor

We have just released a new version of AdWords Extractor. It works with AdWords API v201710 (see the Release notes) and you no longer need your own developer token to use it.

The previous version of the extractor is deprecated and you can use our migration tool which will migrate your AWQL queries. However, you have to reauthorize the extractor and give it access to your AdWords data again. The previous version uses AdWords API v201705 which will be switched off on 28 March 2018.

Jakub Matějka
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1206550 2017-11-21T12:50:06Z 2017-11-21T12:50:06Z Week in Review -- November 21, 2017

New Features

  • There is a new extractor for what3words service (https://what3words.com/)


  • Configuration of MySQL Extractor allows parameter database to be optional
  • Loading data to Storage Workspace allows renaming of columns
  • Configuration errors from DarkSky Extractor are properly marked as user errors
  • Unified incremental load settings for all database writers
Jakub Matějka
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1206518 2017-11-21T08:36:23Z 2017-11-21T10:40:54Z Job Failures Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We have been experiencing temporary technical difficulties today around 9:15 AM CET and 9:20 AM CET.

Some component jobs may have failed as a result. We're investigating the issue and post an update when the root cause is found.

UPDATE 11:35 AM CET Jobs storage was temporarily unavailable for about two minutes. Jobs scheduling wasn't affected and running jobs were waiting until storage came up again so these jobs weren't affected. Unfortunately few orchestrations have failed, we'll do step to prevent this in the future.

Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1206042 2017-11-18T16:00:08Z 2017-11-18T16:00:08Z Job Failures Saturday, November 18, 2017 We have been experiencing temporary technical difficulties today around 3:00 AM CET and 4:00 PM CET.

Some component jobs may have failed as a result.  We have identified and fixed the issue. All systems have returned to normal operations and all jobs are now being processed normally.]]>
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1205204 2017-11-14T16:41:33Z 2017-11-14T16:41:33Z Google Analytics Extractor - Custom Authorization

Recently we have been hitting quota limits of the Google Analytics API with our extractor. As these limits are shared between all users of the extractor, we decided to add a new authorization option - Custom Authorization.

With Custom Authorization, you can provide your own API keys for the Google Analytics extractor, so you will have your own quota limits. This way you can monitor these limits as you need, and other users won't be affected.

Please check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up Custom Authorization in the Google Analytics Extactor.

In case of any problems or questions, please contact us on support@keboola.com.

Miroslav Čillík
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1203700 2017-11-14T08:59:53Z 2017-11-15T05:45:45Z Developer Portal

As part of our effort to make Keboola Connection an open platform we would like to announce the availability of the Keboola Developer Portal - https://apps.keboola.com/. Some of you may already be aware that it is possible to modify applications in KBC through the Developer Portal API. Now we are adding an application to the API so that you can get things done more easily.

The Keboola Developer Portal is a completely separate application from Keboola Connection. It is region-less because it has no access to customer projects. The Developer Portal provides an authoritative list of KBC applications for each region. Each Keboola Connection stack reads this list regularly. As usual in Keboola, the Developer Portal is done in an API first approach, so everything that the application does can be done programmatically too.

What does the Developer Portal do?

  • It allows users registered to vendors to create and modify applications in KBC without Keboola Tech support.
  • It provides service accounts for automating deployment and testing.
  • It provides Docker AWS ECR repositories for applications (thus avoiding Quay and Dockerhub issues).
  • It provides an authoritative list of publicly available approved applications.

Anyone can sign up for the Developer Portal. However until you join a vendor or create a new one, you will not be able to do anything. Both creating and joining a vendor must be approved. Joining a vendor must be approved by the vendor administrator, and creating a vendor must be approved by Keboola Tech. Once a member of a vendor, you can modify and add new applications to that vendor. There's no need to fill a checklist and go through our support. When you create an application, it becomes immediately available for you to use. Using the Developer Portal, you can also set up automated deployment for your application.

Keboola Tech still has some things to do:

  • approve new vendors
  • change some controlled properties of an application (e.g. memory limit)
  • approve a new application before it can become public

Next steps:

  • We still have a long list of things to be done on the Developer Portal, so we consider it as beta quality at the moment.
  • We are soon going to hold a developer meet-up in the Czech Republic where we’d like to hear about your experience developing applications for KBC (in January probably).
  • If you have previously used the Developer Portal API, we encourage you to try the application. If you are having trouble joining your vendor, please contact us on support (there may be some friction depending on how your account was created).
  • If you have created complex applications using Custom Science, go ahead and check the Developer Portal, it may now be more convenient to turn them into full applications.
  • If you have never created an application for Keboola Connection, we highly encourage you to try it - it's much easier now. In fact a component can be created from scratch in an hour.


tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1202204 2017-11-13T19:46:20Z 2017-11-13T19:46:20Z Deprecating MySQL Storage and Transformations

Support for MySQL in Keboola Connection is coming to its end. Here's what will happen.

Effective immediately

  • New projects and projects without existing MySQL transformations will not be able to create new MySQL transformations.

MySQL Storage Backend (supported until January 2018)

  • The default storage backend for all projects is immediately switched from MySQL to Snowflake.
  • All MySQL buckets in all projects will be migrated to Snowflake in January 2018. This will not affect any operations, only a short maintenance on the project will be required.
  • No changes in the project are required.
  • You can apply for a sooner migration at support@keboola.com.

MySQL Transformations (supported until April 2018)

  • Your existing MySQL transformations will need to be migrated to Snowflake by the end of April 2018.
  • If you need any help migrating your MySQL transformations, contact support@keboola.com.

These steps will allow us to deprecate a piece of the legacy infrastructure and focus on the state of the art technologies. The Snowflake storage backend and transformations have significant performance and scaling benefits, so your projects will run faster than on MySQL without any extra charge.

Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1204967 2017-11-13T15:09:25Z 2017-11-13T16:00:57Z Week in Review -- November 13, 2017

New Features

  • We are pleased to announce a significant speed boost to Snowflake load to workspace (also speeding up Input Mapping inTransformations). For tables with primary keys the speed difference is up to 80%.
  • We have also simplified our database extractors, as we mentioned here last week.
  • Fixed CSV Import. The component generates meta-data now.

Minor Imporvements

  • We have updated our Terms and Conditions.
    Per section 14.3 of our Master Software Subscription Agreement, we would like to notify you of a change to the Agreement and its new version released November 10th. The purpose of this change was to provide further protection to Client Data and to comply with requirements of some third party providers (namely Google). We do not consider this change to be a material change, however we are obliged to provide you with this notification. There is no action required from you in relation to this change if you accept it. We are setting out the original and revised language for your review below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at legal@keboola.com.

    Original (version from March 16th, 2016):
    6.7.1. Permitted Use of Client Data. Keboola will only use and will cause all Affiliates and Keboola employees, agents, subcontractors and representatives to only use Client Data for purposes of performing the Services. Keboola shall follow Client instructions when processing Client Data and will not use Client Data other than as authorized by this Agreement. 

    Updated (version dated November 10th, 2017):
    6.7.1. Permitted Use of Client Data. Keboola will only use and will cause all Affiliates and Keboola employees, agents, subcontractors and representatives to only use Client Data for purposes of performing the Services. Keboola shall follow Client instructions when processing Client Data and will not use Client Data other than as authorized by this Agreement. Client Data which Keboola downloads (with permission granted by Client during component configuration) from Google, Facebook, Twitter or other third party APIs ("Third Party Data") are stored and handled the same as Client Data under this Agreement. Third Party Data will not be shared anywhere (it remains stored securely on Keboola systems) until Client decides to share that data (for example, by configuring Data writer to Client or third party systems). Client can delete all Third Party Data and data source configurations from Keboola storage anytime. This section shall be read along side with and be subject to the provisions of sections 6.9 (Retention and Deletion) and 6.10 (Compliance with Law) of this Agreement.
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1202446 2017-11-10T08:54:20Z 2017-11-10T08:54:21Z New Database Extractors

We're very pleased to announce the arrival of simplified database extractors.  (Available for MySQL, MSSQL, PGSQL, Redshift, Snowflake, Oracle and IBM DB2)

Configuring the new extractors can not be any easier.  All you need to do is select the tables you want to import and ... that's it! 

You can, of course, choose which columns you want to import, whether it will be incremental or not, and decide where the output should be, but the defaults are usually sufficient.   
Also, have no fear, you can still write advanced queries for your extractor if that's what you need.

If you run into any problems with the new extractors or require any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask at support@keboola.com.


tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1203885 2017-11-08T12:07:59Z 2017-11-08T12:07:59Z Deprecated Facebook Ads API v2.9

Facebook is deprecating Marketing API v2.9 on Monday, November 13, 2017 thus any api call to v2.9 will fail with error.

The latest version is now v2.10.

The migration should only require changing the api-version parameter in all existing configurations of our Facebook Ads Extractor. However, since there may be some breaking changes, we strongly recommend to change the api-version in your configurations manually, review any possible changes and take the appropriate actions.  For more details on the new version, please read Marketing API Changes in v2.10 in the Facebook API Changelog.

Possible breaking change might be renaming of action_link_click_destination breakdown types as follows:

  • app_store_clicks => click_to_app_store
  • deeplink_clicks => click_to_app_deeplink
  • website_clicks => click_to_website

In other Facebook news, they have announced version v2.11 of Facebook Graph API and Facebook Marketing API, for more info read changelog here.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1203612 2017-11-06T15:53:41Z 2017-11-09T06:25:48Z Week in Review -- November 6, 2017

New Features

  • Finer granularity in all input mappings. The Days parameter was renamed to Changed in last and you can set the interval of changed data to as short as 10 minutes. Please note, that combining a legacy Days value with a new Changed in last is not allowed (eg. in a transformation chain, where the same table gets imported multiple times, all input mappings have to use the same filter type).

Minor Improvements

  • All new transformations come with a predefined boilerplate that will help you at the start. It is especially useful for Python and R transformations.
  • Sliced tables in Storage console (eg. exports from a Snowflake backend) are now merged when downloaded.
  • Database extractors display the name of the query that failed in their error messages.

Updated Components

  • Oracle DB Extractor and Writer are now available in the EU region.


  • Input Mapping modal has autofocus in the Source field when opened.
Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1202980 2017-11-03T10:25:38Z 2017-11-03T10:25:39Z End of life of Keboola Academy

All things have to come to an end and Keboola Academy’s GoodData training is no exception. But don’t mourn, we are working hard on a new education program. Its main focus will be Keboola Connection.

Keboola Academy courses will be available for purchase until December 31, 2017. After that, you won’t be able to purchase new courses, but you’ll still be able to access your already purchased courses for another two months. Courses will be shut down completely on February 28, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact us via support@keboola.com.

Miroslav Čillík
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1201149 2017-10-27T07:23:17Z 2017-10-27T07:23:17Z Week in Review -- October 20 and 27, 2017

New Applications

Dark Sky Extractor

Dark Sky is the new name for the old Forecast.io service. So we have prepared a new extractor for it.  It allows you to look up the weather anywhere on the globe. You can use our migration tool to migrate your existing configurations from the deprecated Forecast.io extractor.

For more information, please see our documentation.

Currency Extractor in EU region

This extractor is now also available in the EU version of Keboola Connection.


  • Dropbox Writer now allows you to specify a custom destination folder name for uploaded data.
  • We have added the ability to configure your own OAuth credentials.  We did this because we are still waiting for quota limits increase for the Google Analytics API for our Google Analytics Extractor.  So now your extractor can run under independent quotas.
  • Tableau Writer now uses the new version of Google Drive and Dropbox Writers to upload data to Tableau.
  • Removed 8 kB script size limit in Rstudio/Jupyter sandboxes
  • Improved handling errors in Rstudion/Jupyter sandboxes. Invalid package names will now throw an error with an explanation instead of an application error.
  • Read-only bucket credentials to your Redshift backend are now deprecated. See this more detailed post about accessing your data since April 18, 2018.


  • Table import events in the Storage panel once again have a link to the imported file.


Unfortunately on Sunday we had some problems with our storage for KBC Events, which delayed execution of jobs.  We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused.

Erik Žigo
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1200056 2017-10-22T11:08:21Z 2017-10-22T12:13:35Z Job Failures Sunday, October 22, 2017

We have been experiencing temporary technical difficulties today since this morning (~ 3:00 AM CET)

Some jobs may have failed as a result.

We're working on resolving the problem and will update here with further information when we have it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update 14:00 CET, October 22, 2017:  All systems have returned to normal operations and all jobs are now being processed normally.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1199111 2017-10-19T14:39:27Z 2017-10-19T14:39:27Z Deprecating Redshift Bucket Credentials

In November 2014, we were really happy to announce a new cool feature -- Read-only bucket credentials to your Redshift backend. Time has passed and we have decided to deprecate this feature.

Though accessing data in a bucket is very useful, with the current scenario it can lead to an assumption how data is stored and how it'll be stored in future. The latter is much worse, because any change in our backend can lead to breakage of the system, which was programmed to access the data in a bucket.

Thus, we recommend you to access your data in a more robust way:

  1. Create a new Redshift Writer
  2. Choose a database provided by Keboola or your own Redshift database
  3. Configure which tables you need to synchronize
  4. Run the newly configured writer
  5. Copy the credentials created in step 2 to the software which needs to access your data

The existing Bucket credentials continue to work until April 18, 2018. However, we strongly recommend to migrate to the Redshift Writer as soon as possible.

The creation of new credentials and credentials listing will be disabled in the Storage section with the publication of this post.

Also, the Bucket credentials have been marked as deprecated in our Storage API.

Vladimír Kriška
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1197138 2017-10-10T10:31:36Z 2017-10-10T18:21:41Z Week in Review -- October 9th, 2017
The longstanding issue with slow SHOW DATABASES query executions on Snowflake has finally been resolved. We will now gradually enforce snowflake query execution limits where applicable by contract. Before turning the limits back on, we will check the query history and notify you if you may be affected.
(Query times in milliseconds)

New Features

Minor Improvements

We continue with cleaning up the KBC UI. So far, we have fixed many little annoying issues:

  • List of configurations now shows when the configuration was created (with exact date on hover) 
  • Cleaned up Job list (removed unused stuff).
  • Backend in Transformations is now preselected to default project backend.
  • CSV importer now supports .TSV and .GZ files too.
  • "Test Credentials" button and result polished.
  • Removed 'sticky' buttons when editing configurations.


  • Fixed files input mapping not showing in certain configurations.
  • Fixed a couple of errors with the Save button when editing transformation queries.
  • Fixed bug in Redshift writer with mixed case table names.


  • The encryption API is simplified to a single endpoint. If you manually encrypt values for KBC, please follow the docs. We will be contacting you if you are using the deprecated API calls.

Ondřej Popelka
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1195929 2017-10-04T12:49:43Z 2017-10-04T18:59:51Z Job Failures [Not Resolved]

Today, October 4, 2017, we experienced several jobs failures between 12:07--14:40 PM CEST. One of our worker servers became unresponsive which led to the jobs failures. We have shut down the instance and launched a new one. Everything is working properly now and we will further investigate the root cause of the issue. 

We're still encountering rare job failures. We're monitoring the issue closely and trying to find the root cause.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1194027 2017-09-27T20:07:45Z 2017-09-27T20:07:45Z Week in Review -- September 26, 2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Geneea NLP app now supports relations - e.g. My pizza was completely burned. > burn(OBJECT:pizza)
  • Redshift transformations input mapping now supports ZSTD compression.
  • Improved handling of events search errors

New Applications


GeoIP is latest transformation component power by MaxMind. It helps you to obtain location data from your IP address inputs.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 23221 PMpng

Please check out the BitBucket Documentation to get you started.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 24213 PMpng

Data Health Application

Data Health Application is an app designed to aid users to produce a clean data file. For more details, please check out Keboola Blog.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 120626 PMpng

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1193772 2017-09-25T14:46:38Z 2017-09-25T14:46:38Z Job Failures [Resolved]

Today, September 25, 2017, we experienced jobs failures between 15:11 - 16:15 PM CET. One of our worker servers went down and while launching a new one automatic job restart mechanism didn't seem to work properly and this led to the jobs failures. Everything is working properly now and we will further investigate the cause of the issue. However we recommend to review your orchestrations and take appropriate action if needed. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1192325 2017-09-19T15:36:01Z 2017-09-19T15:36:01Z Restbox S3 Wildcard Download Bug

On Tuesday September 19th around 7am CEST a new version of Restbox was deployed. This release contained a bug affecting all wildcard downloads from S3. The older version was restored at 5:20pm CEST.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1192268 2017-09-19T12:37:53Z 2017-09-19T12:37:53Z Skipped Orchestrations at 0:00 UTC

A few Orchestrations which were scheduled to run at exactly midnight UTC may not have started due to an issue with the Orchestration Scheduler. The issue arose on the 15th of September and has now been resolved.

If you have orchestrations which are scheduled to run at 0:00 UTC, please check that these orchestrations have run correctly.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Erik Žigo
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1190940 2017-09-13T14:18:44Z 2017-09-13T14:18:44Z SQLdep for Snowflake (BETA)

All Snowflake transformations now have SQLdep enabled. 

SQLdep allows you to visualize the data flow in your SQL. You can now easily see the impact of your changes or track the lineage of each column. 

SQLdep Snowflake support is still in beta, so do not hesitate to contact support@keboola.com with any questions or bugs.

Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1190754 2017-09-12T18:11:00Z 2017-09-12T18:24:07Z Snowflake Incident

We are investigating Snowflake partial outage. Queries are now queued.

We will inform about the progress.

UPDATE 11:21 AM PDT Snowflake warehouses are up and running. Queued queries are being processed. We will update the post when we'll have more information about incident cause from Snowflake engineering.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1190370 2017-09-12T13:44:24Z 2017-09-12T13:44:24Z Week in Review -- September 11, 2017

New Features

  • Generic Extractor introduces some backward incompatible changes, but your current running configurations will remain unaffected. Learn more about Generic Extractor compatibility levels.
  • Generic Extractor supports stopping pagination using an attribute in the response, see more on the Limit Stop feature.

Minor Improvements

  • Processors configuration is now editable where eligible.
  • Transformation scrips and queries editors link to the documentation. 


  • Transformations UI refreshes properly on transformation or bucket delete or revert/rollback.
  • Transformation copy or restore does not delete transformation name and description.
Ondrej Hlavacek
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1189047 2017-09-05T19:49:04Z 2017-09-05T19:49:05Z Week in Review -- September 5, 2017

We've spent a lot of time on squashing bugs in GoodData Writer, Google Drive Writer, Docker Sandbox and Gelf logger and on several new features which are not yet ready. Besides, there are two nice things we can tell you about.

UI of the KBC is being revised for a few weeks now and you can see the first results in the unification of buttons for creating new resources. 

Database Writers now allow triggering `nullable` values for all columns at once.

Jakub Matějka
tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1187287 2017-08-30T09:26:18Z 2017-08-30T09:26:18Z Week in Review -- August 28, 2017

New Features

  • List of deprecated components in the Project Overview:

    In the Project Overview you may now see a warning that you are using deprecated components in your project. 

    To prevent any inconveniences, please keep your components up-to-date. 

    Clicking on a component from the list will take you to a component configuration, from where you can start a migration process.


    • Fixed issue in Orchestrator, when you changed notification settings during orchestrators run, the settings will return to previous values after orchestrator has finished. (github issue in Czech language)

    Miroslav Čillík
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1185565 2017-08-22T02:49:30Z 2017-08-23T12:28:00Z MySQL Transformations Failures

    We're encountering an increased number of application errors in MySQL transformations. We're looking into this issue and will update this post once we know more. This may also affect GoodData writer jobs.

    UPDATE Aug 21, 9:10pm PST

    The error seems to happens randomly on all Storage API async exports from tables stored on Snowflake. We have contacted Snowflake support to help us identify the root cause of the issue.

    You may encounter the error in any component that uses async exports from Snowflake or in any external integration exporting data from a Snowflake bucket. The error does not appear in Snowflake or Redshift transformations.

    UPDATE Aug 22, 9:45pm PST

    The error was not yet mitigated, Snowflake engineering team is looking into it. If you're encountering this problem, please contact us at support@keboola.com for a possible workaround.

    We're sorry for this inconvenience.

    UPDATE Aug 23, 5:24am PST

    Snowflake engineers has identified a potential fix for this issue but it is not deployed yet. Meanwhile we have found the workaround for the issue and we are updating the components. GoodData writer was fixed now, transformation and other components will be updated within few hours. 

    This issue is happening randomly and less than one percent of exports were affected.

    Ondrej Hlavacek
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1185367 2017-08-21T14:45:41Z 2017-08-21T14:45:42Z Week in Review -- August 21, 2017

    New Features

    • Database writers UI  - Disabled tables no longer load the whole content into the container when run and only first row of the table is loaded instead. This saves storage credits and decrease time of jobs run process. It works only for newly disabled tables, so old tables have to be redisabled (enable export -> disable export).
    • Python for transformations and custom science applications has been updated to version 3.6.2
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1183436 2017-08-14T14:23:18Z 2017-08-14T14:23:18Z Week in Review -- August 14, 2017

    New Features

    • Ability to test component's image against live configurations (Read more in our documentation)
    • Markdown descriptions for tables and buckets are now available (see the images bellow)

    Fig. 1 Click "Describe the ..." to add description

    Fig. 2 Markdown is supported when describing buckets or tables.

    Description of buckets and tables can be added/edited in various places:

    • In bucket detail (Storage section),
    • in table detail (Storage section)
    • and anywhere in application where table preview is available


    • We finally turned off Legacy Routing (Original status here)
    • EOL of the synchronous exports has been announced and we'll turn it off on August 21st, 2017



    • Due to recent outages of Quay we started migration of our components to AWS ECR
    • We updated the Pigeon component to use the newer Storage API client and send files to File Uploads encrypted