tag:status.keboola.com,2013:/posts Keboola Status 2020-01-10T19:48:42Z Keboola Connection "Data Framework" tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1497751 2020-01-10T19:48:41Z 2020-01-10T19:48:42Z Maintenance of Developer Portal

There will be a maintenance period of Developer Portal on Sunday, January 12, 2020 from 7:00am UTC and should take around 2 hours.

This maintenance won't affect Connection nor any other Keboola service.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1494585 2020-01-01T09:50:26Z 2020-01-01T11:55:50Z VPN connection errors

We are investigating VPN connection issues for extractors and writers in both regions. 

UPDATE Jan 01, 10:03 AM (UTC) - Our VPN provider is investigating the issue

UPDATE Jan 01, 11:54 AM (UTC) - Our VPN provider has found the root cause and fixed the issue. All VPN connections should be working again.

tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1487826 2019-12-12T12:34:05Z 2019-12-12T12:34:05Z Week in Review — December 12, 2019

New Components

TimeDoctor extractor 

  • Time Doctor is a time tracking software which allows employees to track time per project and task. Team managers are then able to monitor their computer activity and evaluate effectiveness.
  • The Time Doctor extractor for Keboola Connection allows you to download Time Doctor data about users and their activity. 
  • This component was developed by KDS Team.

Snapchat Marketing extractor

  • The Snapchat marketing extractor allows users to download data about marketing campaigns and statistics via the Snapchat Marketing API.
  • It allows to download statistics for campaigns, adsquads, and ads with all supported metrics from Snapchat with either hourly or daily granularity.
  • This component was developed by KDS Team.

Updated Components

  • All database extractors now retry on all the SQL queries they perform.
  • Firebird and Impala extractors now support simple table & column select mode and incremental fetching.

    New Features

    New type of sharing buckets

    • From now on, you can share buckets to specified users. Any listed project users in the organization can use the shared data bucket.

    Minor Improvements

    • Increased speed of name, description and metadata editing in components.
    • Latest Activity shown on the Dashboard also for configurations. We also added grouping by events.
    • Added button for creating a bucket and file in the Storage console.
    • Tables can no longer be created as direct text input. 
    • Redesigned error display for jobs; now errors have their own box and details can be shown in the modal window.
    • Orchestration detail now shows the trendline for previous jobs.
    • Already seen last time was added to Dashboard Latest Activity.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1487766 2019-12-11T10:41:29Z 2019-12-11T11:03:18Z Slow jobs in EU region

    We are experiencing snowflake jobs being processed too slow in EU region. We keep on investigating the issue.

    UPDATE Dec 11, 10:57 AM (UTC) - We increased computing power of our Snowflake warehouse and there should be no slow jobs for now, furthermore we keep on monitoring the jobs and investigating the root cause.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1487759 2019-12-11T10:13:58Z 2019-12-11T10:33:06Z Gooddata Writer/Extractor failures in US region

    We are experiencing failures of GoodData writer and extractor configurations that use Keboola provisioned projects in US region. We have identified the root cause and are working on fix it asap.

    UPDATE Dec 11, 10:30 AM (UTC): We have fixed the problem and everything is now working properly. Moreover we found out that regarding GoodData writer, the failure happened only for the Keboola provisioned projects created between Dec 10, 20:00 and Dec 11, 10:15 (UTC).

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1483302 2019-12-03T11:00:03Z 2019-12-03T11:00:04Z Week in Review — December 3, 2019

    New Components

    AppsFlyer Extractor

    • We’re happy to welcome the AppsFlyer Extractor to the family!

    • AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution and analytics, helping marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend, and boost ROI.

    • This component was developed by KDS Team.

    DynamoDB Writer

    • Another great addition to our component collection is DynamoDB Writer!

    • This component lets you write data from our Storage into AWS' DynamoDB, which is a key-value, document-based database. It's fully managed, multiregion, multimaster, durable with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications.

    • This component was developed by KDS Team.

    CSV to XLSX Processor

    • Highly demanded utility to convert data in CSV format to XLSX is here!

    • This component was also developed by KDS Team.

    Updated Components

    AWS S3 Extractor

    • Uses parallel download and it's more than 20 times faster!

    Snowflake Extractor

    • Supports incremental load.

    • Supports config rows.

    Oracle Extractor

    • Supports incremental load.

    • Supports configuration rows.

    • Implemented retry mechanism for all types of queries

    Redshift Extractor

    • Supports incremental load.

    MySQL Extractor

    • Implemented retry mechanism for all types of queries

    PostgreSQL Extractor

    • Added support for PostgreSQL Server v12



    • Transformations are collapsed by default.

    Data Catalog

    • Improved "empty" page

    • Type of sharing is now shown and will be improved further. 

    • Improved “initial" modal

    • Bucket description is shown where applicable. 


    • When creating an alias table, you can now filter data by the EMPTY_STRING or SPACE characters.


    • Fixed a bug in the Darksky extractor date conversion. The bug caused dates in the date column for places in UTC+ timezones to be one day less than the actual forecast date.


    Miroslav Čillík
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1481201 2019-11-23T14:40:20Z 2019-11-24T13:42:46Z GoodData writer failures (US region)

    We have encountered a small number of failed jobs in US region between 4:46 AM - 9:17 AM UTC.

    Affected jobs finished with Application Error caused by invalid SSL connection to GoodData and we're investigating the issue.

    UPDATE Nov 24, 1:42 PM (UTC) - Only projects having custom GoodData domains was affected by this issue. Problem was with validation of a renewed SSL certificate. The fix is deploying right now.

    Erik Žigo
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1480373 2019-11-21T16:23:52Z 2019-11-22T11:00:42Z Job termination issue

    We are investigating job termination issues for some components. After termination request is accepted jobs remain in terminating state until finished. 

    UPDATE Nov 22, 9:28 AM (UTC) - We have identified the root cause and prepared the fix which should be released in few hours. Only minority of jobs termination was affected by this issue.

    UPDATE Nov 22, 10:49 AM (UTC) - The fix was deployed and job termination is fully functional again for all jobs.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1476711 2019-11-12T08:30:31Z 2019-11-12T09:38:07Z AWS performance issues in EU region

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is facing increased network connectivity errors to instances, hence the performance of Keboola Connection in EU region is impacted. As a consequence connection to Snowflake and creation of Jupyter/R sanboxes fails, most of the jobs are slow or stalled.

    UPDATE Nov 12, 8:39 AM (UTC) Amazon have identified the root cause and are working to resolve the issue.

    UPDATE Nov 12, 9:10 AM (UTC) Amazon has restored most of the network connectivity to impacted instances and is completing recovery for the remaining connectivity errors. However the performance of Keboola Connection remains impacted.

    UPDATE Nov 12, 9:36 AM (UTC) Keboola Connection is back to operational state, however some jobs might not start immediately due to queuing with the many recently triggered jobs.
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1476196 2019-11-11T08:15:12Z 2019-11-11T09:03:20Z Component failures

    We are experiencing failures of few components e.g. Salesforce Extractor. It is caused by recent infrastructure changes that were deployed on November 8th.

    We are rolling back these changes and we'll update this status with new information.

    UPDATE Nov 11, 8:37 AM (UTC) - Changes was rolled back and affected components should be working again without issues.

    UPDATE Nov 11, 8:50 AM (UTC) - We're investigating further issues with Salesforce Extractor. 

    UPDATE Nov 11, 9:00 AM (UTC) - Salesforce Extractor is working again. 

    We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1474477 2019-11-06T14:43:55Z 2019-11-06T14:57:46Z New UI Release Webinar

    Come check out our new UI along with our new feature releases, including our new Dashboard overview, Data Catalog, and Scaffolds. Webinar will be held Nov 11, 2019 15:00 UTC and also recorded available upon request.

    You can register here.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1474077 2019-11-05T13:14:01Z 2019-11-28T16:44:13Z New UI for Keboola Connection

    We started redesigning Keboola Connection in June, 2019. The first pages we changed were the pages related to authentication, followed by moving and redesigning the navigation. Today, we're happy to announce that the 3rd part of Keboola Connection redesign is ready and deployed. The content itself hasn't changed that much, but we invested a lot of time and effort into making all parts look similar to bring you better user experience.

    Let's summarize the biggest changes:

    • New project dashboard - shows what's happening in the project.
    • Scaffolds - predefined blocks of configurations for specific use cases
    • Data Catalog - a new way of sharing data in the organization
    • Option to share buckets for a specific project in the organization
    • Option to share individual tables from different buckets (buckets are created automatically)

    Brand New Dashboard

    The new dashboard is the entry point to your project and you should find the most important information on the project there. You can learn what users are active in your project, who created a configuration recently, which jobs are currently running, etc.

    Extractors, Writers and Applications are Components

    We grouped all components together in the main navigation.

    Each section has two parts:

    • Directory - list of all components available for the selected type (extractor, writer, and application)
    • My components - list of all components you have configured (also for the selected type)

    Scaffolds (New in Keboola Connection)

    Scaffolds allow you to use a group of prepared configurations for a specific use case by filling in only a few details (e.g., credentials). No additional configuration is required.

    Data Catalog (New in Keboola Connection)

    This is a new way you can now see the data shared from/to your project:

    • Data which you can use in your project (the section Shared with you)
    • Data you shared from your project (the section Shared from this project)

    Bucket Sharing

    You can share a bucket directly from the Data Catalog section:

    Simple sharing - when you already have a prepared bucket you want to share.

    Advanced sharing - when you want to create a new bucket with specific tables.

    Also, a new type of sharing has been added. From now on, you can share a bucket to a specific project in your organization.

    Storage, Transformations, Orchestrations

    These sections have been slightly redesigned, but you should be able to find everything in the same place.

    There are a few things we want to mention:

    • In the orchestration detail, the configured token is more visible.
    • Jobs in the orchestration detail can be filtered by their status (successful vs. failed).
    • In the transformation detail, you can find the information about the backend you used and the phase on the right side.


    The Job detail page has also been redesigned.

    Again, as with Transformations or Orchestrations, the content stays the same. We only reorganized it a bit. The event detail is shown in modal. Job parameters and Mapping (information about input/output tables) are shown in modal as well. Just click "Show all" in the particular section.

    User and Project menus

    These menus haven't changed much either. They were moved to the same line (as was Trash).

    Anyway, we're going to continue to improve Keboola Connection for you, there are definitely more things to come. We hope you like our new UI and would love to hear your feedback!

    Vladimír Kriška
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1472121 2019-10-31T08:01:33Z 2019-10-31T08:01:33Z GoodData issues in US region

    GoodData was experiencing issues that were preventing users of GoodData system to access the platform and the projects located on this datacenter. The issue started on 10/30 at 23:43 (UTC) and was resolved on 10/31 02:18 (UTC).

    Affected jobs in Keboola Connection ended up in error Running 147946154733.dkr.ecr.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/developer-portal-v2/keboola.gooddata-writer:1.4.4 container exceeded the timeout of 18000 seconds.

    Read the original GoodData service status.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1466932 2019-10-23T08:15:33Z 2019-10-23T08:15:33Z Snowflake's Behavior Change Pending: Changes to String-to-Date Conversion

    On Dec 1st, 2019, Snowflake will turn on strict string-to-date conversion for all Keboola Connection projects.

    By introducing this change, Snowflake wants to address issues such as invalid date strings rolling over. For example, 07-32 (July 32nd) has been interpreted as August 1st. Rollover will no longer be supported for dates, times, or timestamps.

    A full description of affected cases and tips on what to do are provided in the Snowflake 3.45 Release Notes.

    We have a list of affected queries in the Keboola Connection projects ready and will be contacting all users that may be affected by this change. You'll have plenty of time to check everything and fix any potential issue. 

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation. 

    Ondrej Hlavacek
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1466356 2019-10-23T07:19:25Z 2019-10-23T08:21:43Z Week in Review — October 23, 2019

    Feature Sunsetting

    • Oauth-v2 and the old GoodData writer were completely shut down after the deprecation period.

    Updated Components

    Facebook Extraction

    • Data can be extracted from each account in a separate API call. That should prevent issues with the API refusing to reply due to too much data in the response.

    GoodData Writer

    • There is now a warning that running a single row will reset the state for all rows. It is a feature that was unexpected for some of our customers.

    Changes in Keboola Connection

    • Good Data writer is no longer shown in the Storage Console graph and the Transformation overview.

    New components

    KDS team created two components. Application for refreshing dashboards and datasets in PowerBI and Pardot extractor.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1466713 2019-10-16T12:25:14Z 2019-10-16T12:44:52Z Service disruption of Keboola Connection in EU region
    • 12:24:13 UTC: Keboola Connection in EU region is currently experiencing service disruption. We're investingating and will keep you posted. 
    • 12:34:04 UTC: EU region is currently up, but not stable yet. 
    • 12:42:21 UTC: Keboola Connection in EU region is now up and stable. 

    We're very sorry for any problems this have caused. A post mortem post will follow when we examine the logs and find the root cause. 

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1466484 2019-10-15T17:48:34Z 2019-10-15T17:48:34Z Dockerhub service disruption

    Since October 15, 2019 5:16PM UTC the Docker Hub container registry is experiencing a complete service disruption. Some of Keboola Connection 3rd party components' images are historically hosted on Docker Hub. Such components' jobs will fail during the outage. You can subscribe to the outage mitigation progress on Docker Hub status page. 

    All the new components and Keboola-maintained components are using AWS ECR as a registry, so they are not affected by the outage. 

    We're very sorry about any problems this may cause. 

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1465900 2019-10-14T07:34:24Z 2019-10-15T17:15:43Z Transformation Overview and Table Graph errors

    Since October 11, 2:00 PM UTC we are experiencing failures on the Transformation Overview page and on the Storage Table Graph page in all regions with the following error message:

    Cannot load GoodData Writer: Client error response [status code] 410 [reason phrase] Gone

    We're investigating the issue and will update this post with our findings.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    UPDATE October 15, 5:15 PM UTC: a new version was released and the bug was fixed.

    Ondrej Hlavacek
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1464084 2019-10-11T16:41:32Z 2019-10-11T16:41:33Z Week in Review — October 11, 2019

    New Components

    • Smartsupp extractor by Revolt BI downloads data from the live chat platform.


    • Input mapping filter can be set on an ignored column.
    • Sandboxes with duration longer than 5 days display the expiration date correctly.

    Updated Components

    • Oracle and PostgreSQL extractors use optimized tables and columns loading.
    • R transformation and sandbox updated to version 3.6.1.
    • R transformation supports R Markdown.
    • GoodData Writer fixes the link to the GoodData project in the EU region.


    Ondrej Hlavacek
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1464806 2019-10-11T08:25:40Z 2019-10-14T08:15:36Z Increased "Obsolete output mapping" transformation user errors

    Since October 10, 3:00 am UTC we are experiencing higher rate of "Obsolete output mapping" user errors in transformation jobs. This issue is caused by a recent update of the transformation component. We'll be rolling back the release as soon as possible and keep you updated on further events.

    UPDATE 8:45 am UTC: We have successfully deployed a previous version and all affected configurations should be working now. 

    UPDATE October 13, 6:11 PM UTC: A new version with a fix has been released and deployed.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Ondrej Hlavacek
    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1464419 2019-10-10T07:52:47Z 2019-10-10T08:13:15Z Maintenance of Developer Portal

    There will be a maintenance period of Developer Portal on Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 6:00am UTC and should take around 1 hour.

    We will be upgrading database infrastructure. This maintenance won't affect Connection nor any other Keboola service.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1461504 2019-10-01T21:10:25Z 2019-10-01T21:10:25Z Client Webinar (Q4/2019)
    Keboola is hosting our Q4/2019 client webinar and we want you there!

    Date: Tue, Oct 8, 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CET

    If you haven't done so already, please register now.  

    Learn about new features, functionalities, and components that we have built over the first half of the year.  

    Additionally, see the exciting plans that we have for the product for the next 3-12 months.

    We hope that you can join us, but if not the webinar will be available on video by request afterward as well.


    Your Keboola Team

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1461137 2019-09-30T16:18:46Z 2019-09-30T16:18:47Z End of life: old OAuth Broker

    The deprecated OAuth Broker won't be supported after September 30, 2019

    When executing configurations in not-yet-migrated projects, you will start getting errors with the end of life message. The migration will be available for at least one week after the deprecated Broker is shut down.

    Please migrate your projects if you haven't done so already. If you have any questions, contact Keboola Support.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1461132 2019-09-30T15:41:15Z 2019-09-30T15:41:15Z End of life: GoodData Writer v2

    The support for the deprecated GoodData Writer v2  ends today, September 30, 2019.

    The deprecated writer will start returning errors with the end of life message. You will be able to migrate for at least one week after the deprecated GoodData Writer is shut down.

    If you are still using the deprecated GoodData Writer, you should see a deprecation notice in Keboola Connection. Please proceed to the migration.

    If you need any help migrating the writer, contact Keboola Support.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1460759 2019-09-29T08:34:26Z 2019-09-29T08:34:26Z Email notification failures in EU region

    On Saturday night, September 28-29th between 11:00pm - 8:20am we experienced failures of sending automated emails in EU region. Our monitoring shows only few jobs were affected, we recommend to double-check status of your recent orchestrations run. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1459216 2019-09-25T08:55:01Z 2019-09-25T08:55:01Z GoodData writer internal errors

    A new release of the GoodData writer published on September 24, 2019, 3:17 pm UTC contained a bug affecting certain jobs in all regions. The bug caused the jobs to finish with an internal error.

    We rolled it back to a previous version on September 25, 5:57 am UTC and all jobs are working now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1458934 2019-09-24T13:12:35Z 2019-09-24T13:18:45Z Jupyter sandbox not starting

    We have a problem with starting Jupyter sandboxes started at 12:58 UTC. 

    We will provide an update when we'll have more information.

    UPDATE 13:15 UTC - Problem is fixed. All services are running.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1457514 2019-09-23T10:35:27Z 2019-09-23T10:35:27Z Week in Review — September 23, 2019

    New Features

    Julia sandboxes and transformations

    We are happy to introduce a new Julia sandbox and Julia transformations. Both are in Beta preview for now; to try either of them, write a ticket to the support, and we will enable them for you. You can find more information about the Julia transformations in our documentation.

    User roles

    User roles are now available in all projects. We have added a new guest role that has only limited access to projects' resources. Learn more about roles in our documentation.

    New Components

    Brightloom Extractor (previously known as Eatsa) — downloads all your transactions and item details from the Brightloom POS system.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1456219 2019-09-18T07:01:59Z 2019-09-18T07:02:00Z Job errors in the EU region [post-mortem]


    On Sunday, September 15th at 01:32 UTC, orchestrator and other component jobs started failing in the EU region. In the following hours, our worker servers weren't able to handle the workload, and the job backlog started to increase. We manually resolved the incident, and the platform was in full operation with a clean backlog at 08:26 UTC.

    What happened?

    One of the MySQL instances was automatically restarted and patched on September 15th at 01:32 UTC.
    The instance is required for the lock mechanism for job processing, and it also stores information about queues for the worker servers. The 2-minute downtime of the database instance caused a failure of the jobs that were running at the moment. Additionally, the running workers weren't able to fetch the information about the queues, and some of them gave up restarts and stopped. With only half of the processing capacity left, the workload could not be processed.

    Once we discovered the incident, we replaced all our worker servers and added more capacity to clean up the backlog faster.

    What are we doing about this?

    We have implemented notifications about upcoming instance patches and are going to perform updates during scheduled and announced maintenance windows.

    We are also working on a completely new job processing and scheduling mechanism that will prevent similar issues from occurring down the road. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    tag:status.keboola.com,2013:Post/1454829 2019-09-16T11:00:43Z 2019-09-16T11:00:44Z Week in Review -- September 16, 2019

    New Features, Improvements and Minor Fixes

    New Components