SSL security improvement

Please review the entire post carefully to determine whether your use of the services will be affected.

As of 12:00 AM PDT April 30, 2015, we will discontinue support of RC4 cipher for securing connections to 

These requests will fail once we disable support for RC4 cipher for the Keboola Connection. To avoid interrupted access, you must update any client software (or inform any clients to update software) making the requests that are using RC4 cipher to connect to our API services.

Security improvements

We're announcing few security improvements:

  • All our servers, facing to clients, are using EV security certificates (what is EV?
  • All our servers have encrypted disks by using Amazon AWS KMS.
  • All our Elasticsearch clusters encrypt all events.
  • Amazon Redshift backends are encrypted by default. Existing customers can request to be moved to encrypted backends.
  • Storage API employ native Amazon S3 file encryption by default
  • All our Multi-AZ RDS metadata servers have encrypted data by default.
  • New Amazon RDS servers are encrypted by default. Existing customers can request to be moved to encrypted backends.

Long story short: if you're connecting to Keboola Connection, client facing servers are covered by strong encryption SSL with displayed identity in browser's address bar + all client's data in Keboola Connection are encrypted by default.