Transformations Redshift output mapping bug

There was a bug in import to Storage API from transformations, it was present only in the following conditions:

  • Redshift transformation with output to Redshift table
  • Output was incremental
  • Previously null value was changed to non null value

Null values were never updated in Storage API table. Bug is fixed now but the affected output tables have to recreated. The bug was present in Storage since the roll out of Redshift support.


Scheduled maintenance will start at 3:45 pm (GMT+1) and will take about 30 minutes.

During the maintenance, you can't access your data. All network connections will be terminated by "HTTP 503 - down for maintenance" status message.

UPDATE 4:30 pm: Maintenance is completed and all systems are back up and running. Few orchestrations were affected by maintenance and will be restarted by us.

Jobs failures

Several projects may have experienced errors in extractor jobs processing. Database, Zendesk, Google drive and some other extractors were affected. Issue is resolved now and we are investigation the cause of the issue.

We have restarted failed or waiting jobs. We're sorry for any inconvenience! 

Extractors failures

Paymo, Facebook, Facebook Ads and Salesforce extractors were returning curl(60) error in orchestrations from 3 PM - 11PM PST November 6th. Error was caused by invalid SSL certificates.

To finish your tasks, just re-run your orchestrators. We're sorry for any inconvenience! 

Inaccessible Storage API files

Some files were not accessible between 7 PM - 10 PM PST November 4. It caused failures of loads to storage API tables and thus also orchestration failures.

Example of failed orchestration:

It was caused by failed Elasticsearch cluster node. We are still investigating the cause of this issue. However, our whole infrastructure works smoothly at this time. To finish your tasks, just re-run your orchestrators. We're sorry for any inconvenience!

End of Life Announcement for old Twitter Extractor

Today, 30 October 2014, Keboola is announcing an End-of-Life date of January 31, 2015 for all instances of the Old Twitter Extractor.

Customers that are currently using this version should evaluate our shiny, very powerful and fully configurable Twitter Extractor as a newer alternative. Information on the ex-twitter can be found in our documentation.

If you need any support, please contact us.