Tables list change in GoodData Writer

Tables are not automatically added to GoodData Writer UI any more and you have to add them there explicitly. Naturally you can also delete no longer needed tables. This improvement should benefit clarity and unites behaviour across other writers. Non-configured tables (i.e. those with all columns ignored) will be removed from your existing configurations soon by automated script.

New version of Sklik Extractor

Sklik Extractor has been rewritten as Docker component and the old version will be switched off by the end of December. Till then its users are kindly requested to migrate their configuration to the new version. Here is how to do it:

  1. Choose Sklik v2 from list of extractors
  2. Give it some name as usual
  3. Add extraction configuration to the text area. It is in json format and must contain Sklik account's username and password and bucket where you want the data to be saved. Optionally it may contain parameters since and until to specify dates interval for stats (it is "-1 day" i.e. "yesterday" by default)

Please note that the new Extractor saves data incrementally which means that you have to add primary keys if you want to fill data to existing tables. You can find the required format of data tables in documentation.

Failing data loads due to a bug in GoodData WebDav

Some data loads are failing due to a bug in WebDav storage on GoodData's site introduced in their Saturday release. They are working on fix, be patient please. Jobs affected by this problem fail with message "Csv file has not been uploaded to ''". We apologize for all the inconveniences.

Update 16:15 UTC: According to GoodData support this problem unfortunately won't be fixed earlier than on November 26 9:00 UTC. See their maintenance announcement

On-demand SSO access to GoodData projects from KBC

Access to GoodData projects from their writers in Keboola Connection has been changed. Once you enter a project in KBC you are not automatically added to any GoodData projects any more. Instead there is new button "Enable Access to Project" in each writer which needs to be explicitly confirmed first.

After that you can directly access the project using sso link (no need to login first any more) or you can Disable access to the project.

Also when you leave a KBC project, you are removed from all of it's GoodData projects automatically. 

GoodData Writer automatically creates one GoodData account for each KBC user. Unfortunately because of security reasons we cannot connect this feature to your existing GoodData accounts but once you are logged in GoodData using a sso link you can switch between other projects you joined earlier so it should not be a big obstacle.

Access to projects is provisioned with editor role by default but you can ask support to allow you access with admin roles if you are sure you need it.

GoodData Writer Failures

There is some problem on GoodData API since about 12:00 CEST (10:00 UTC) which causes failures on some model updates and data loads. We are investigating the problem with GoodData support and will keep you updated.

UPDATE 16:15 CEST GoodData support is still investigating the problem but our logs show that it didn't appear again almost three hours. Preliminary report indicates that they had some troubles with connection to S3 storage where LDM models of projects are stored.

AdWords Extractor Update

New version v201509 of AdWords API has been released recently and our extractor will update in the beginning of November. Please be sure to review your configuration so that it does not use unsupported metric names till the end of October. Also do not use new metrics until the update, we will let you know about it. 

Changes to GoodData Writer's upload project and upload table behaviour

API calls upload-project and upload-table now enforce model update every time they are called. Decision making whether to update the model or not based on comparing GoodData's and Writer's last change date of dataset had not been reliable in some situations so we decided to leave it at all.

Now upload-table API call generates one UpdateModel and one LoadData task every time it is called but upload-project API call generates only one UpdateModel task for whole project at once.