Support for Multi-Factor Authentication

Keboola Connection now supports Multi-Factor Authentication (sometimes called two-step verification) using Google Authenticator app. It can be activated in Account section accessible from user menu. You will need to download the app first, version for iPhone is here and for Android here. This feature adds verification by 6-digit code generated by the app after entering of username and password and so increases safety of your account.

Activation looks like this:

And login will look like this:

Geocoding Augmentation component update

Geocoding component now allows to configure which data provider will be used and in which locale the data will be processed. You can choose from Google Maps, Google Maps for Business, Bing Maps, Yandex, MapQuest, TomTom, OpenCage and OpenStreetMap. See Apiary documentation for more details about configuration. Notice that you need to obtain API key for most services first.

Original mode of the component which used mixed providers with our own API keys still works (for configuration tables without attribute provider) but is only temporary to allow you to migrate and will be removed after few weeks.

Results limit and pagination in GoodData Writer API

Listing of users (GET /users), projects (GET /projects) and project users (GET /project-users) has been limited to 10000 results. To this moment listing of much more results didn't work anyway, Writer returned error instead of the listing. So if your writer contains more results and you have a script which process them, you will need to update it to support pagination. It works using parameters offset and limit (see docs for more information)

Infrastructure issues

We are investigating infrastructure issues affecting most of extractors and writers. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 0:33am PST / 9:33 CEST: Issue has been resolved, we'll try to restart all failed orchestrations, if we miss anything, please feel free to restart by yourself. Sorry for any inconvenience.

GoodData Writer issues

We have been fixing multiple errors regarding proper handling of GoodData maintenance during Saturday which could cause failing of some Writer's jobs. All problems were solved and shouldn't appear again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

GoodData Writer update

GoodData Writer has been updated to use asynchronous mechanism of Syrup instead of it’s own. This brings several changes. All jobs are visible in Jobs section of Keboola Connection amongst jobs of other extractors and writers. Logic of jobs clustered to batches had to be changed and former batch now corresponds to single job and former jobs of a batch now correspond to tasks of a job.

All scheduled Orchestration tasks should work without change. If you call GoodData Writer API in your own application either directly or by using our php client you shouldn’t notice any problem but we recommend to upgrade the client as soon as possible. Backwards compatibility is only temporary and will be removed within few weeks. New version of the client will be released today.

The switch unfortunately affected some running jobs, we will review them and restart if necessary in nearest time.

AdWords and Sklik extractors issues

There has been a bug in both AdWords and Sklik extractors which caused undelivery of data to input tables since Feb 17 13:00 UTC. Actually the data had been saved to wrong bucket: in.c-ex-adwords instead of in.c-ex-adwords-[config] (similarly for Sklik). You can get the data there if you have only one configuration for the extractor. Otherwise data for more configurations will be mixed in this one bucket and so it will be safer to run the extractions again. Now the problem is fixed and should not occur again. We are sorry for any inconvenience.