GoodData Writer update

GoodData Writer has been updated to use asynchronous mechanism of Syrup instead of it’s own. This brings several changes. All jobs are visible in Jobs section of Keboola Connection amongst jobs of other extractors and writers. Logic of jobs clustered to batches had to be changed and former batch now corresponds to single job and former jobs of a batch now correspond to tasks of a job.

All scheduled Orchestration tasks should work without change. If you call GoodData Writer API in your own application either directly or by using our php client you shouldn’t notice any problem but we recommend to upgrade the client as soon as possible. Backwards compatibility is only temporary and will be removed within few weeks. New version of the client will be released today.

The switch unfortunately affected some running jobs, we will review them and restart if necessary in nearest time.

AdWords and Sklik extractors issues

There has been a bug in both AdWords and Sklik extractors which caused undelivery of data to input tables since Feb 17 13:00 UTC. Actually the data had been saved to wrong bucket: in.c-ex-adwords instead of in.c-ex-adwords-[config] (similarly for Sklik). You can get the data there if you have only one configuration for the extractor. Otherwise data for more configurations will be mixed in this one bucket and so it will be safer to run the extractions again. Now the problem is fixed and should not occur again. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

GoodData Writer: data load to all active tables

Parameter tableId of data loading API calls /gooddata-writer/load-data and /gooddata-writer/load-data-multi is optional now. If the parameter is not present, data load will be performed to all active tables (i.e. tables with flag export=1). See Apiary docs

Support in Orchestrator UI is being prepared. When it is ready you will be able to replace /gooddata-writer/upload-project call with one of these to speed up the loads and avoid unnecessary model updates.

GoodData Writer now uses Project Model API

All newly created writers will use GoodData's Project Model API by default (also known as LDM API). Existing projects still use the CL tool but will be switched in near future.

New writers also don't use date facts in datasets referencing date dimensions (this does not apply for time dimensions). Counting without Date facts is covered by "Date Attribute Arithmetic". Older projects have reports built upon these facts and can't be switched automatically so far.