Skipped Orchestrations at 0:00 UTC

A few Orchestrations which were scheduled to run at exactly midnight UTC may not have started due to an issue with the Orchestration Scheduler. The issue arose on the 15th of September and has now been resolved.

If you have orchestrations which are scheduled to run at 0:00 UTC, please check that these orchestrations have run correctly.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Job failures

On May 5, 2017 at 6:39:03 PM UTC+2 one of our AWS RDS server was restarted. This lead to loss of connection between our lock server and job processes. The outcome may be following

  • Orchestrations, that have all tasks successfully finished, but the orchestration itself failed
  • Failed tasks within orchestrator; the task execution finished successfully, only the job status was not saved correctly

Week in Review -- April 25, 2017

Developers Documentation

We completely rewrote documentation of our Generic Extractor. It was moved from github to Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to configure extractor for new api.


Update of python for custom science and transformations to version 3.5.3.

GoodData Writer

Intermittent data load errors were fixed using zip for data loads to avoid bug in GoodData WebDav with gzip compression.

Week In Review -- February 13 and 20, 2017

Google BigQuery Writer in private beta

We've been working hard on a BigQuery writer for the Google Cloud Platform.  If you'd like to get early access for the beta release, please let us know at

Azor Extractor

There is a new third-party extractor for Azor.  Azor is a Czech service that allows you to monitor your competitor's products prices and availability.


  • Trying to add a column with the same name as an existing column, but only different casing will result in an error message.  (ex: customerEmail and CustomerEmail)

  • Table ID was added to workspace loading errors to help determine the cause of the error.

  • Attempting to create an output table with column names beginning with "_" will result in an error.

Shared buckets

We're happy to announce the release of the Shared Buckets  feature.  It's an easy way to share data between projects in Keboola Connection.

    This will help you:

    • Have greater organizational control over your data
    • Speedup your data workflow
    • Reduce your project usage totals

    For more details about Shared Buckets, see our User documentation. Developers can find more info in our API documentation in Apiary.

      Failing jobs and API errors: AWS DSN problem

      We have investigated issues with Amazon DNS service in us-east region.

      It affects jobs processing and API availability of our components. Thanks for patience.


      AWS confirmed the problem - 5:15 AM PDT We are investigating elevated errors resolving the DNS hostname used to access the EC2 APIs.

      AWS status update - 5:51 AM PDT We have identified the root cause of the issue causing errors resolving the DNS hostname used to access the EC2 APIs and are currently working to resolve.

      AWS status update -  [RESOLVED] Between 4:31 AM and 6:10 AM PDT, we experienced errors resolving the DNS hostnames used to access some AWS services in the US-EAST-1 Region. During the issue, customers may have experienced failures indicating "hostname unknown" or "unknown host exception" when attempting to resolve the hostnames for AWS services and EC2 instances. This issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

      Emails redesign

      Introducing the new design for email notifications from Keboola Connection. No more plain text mail from us, now you can jump straight to your project from within the notification.

      This design was also applied to Orchestration error emails. So now each failed task contains the result message from the originating component.

      New Zendesk Extractor

      We`ve launched a new version of the Zendesk extractor, which completely replace old version of Zendesk extractor.

      It is based on our Generic Extractor with predefined templates to helps download your data easily.

      If you are interested in more details like extractor limits and output data format please visit our new documentation.

      Feel free to try the new extractor and in if  you have any questions or something is missing, please contact us at

      The old extractor, now named Zendesk (DEPRECATED) in Keboola Connection, is now deprecated and will be shut down on 27th of October 2016.

      If you need help with migration please let us know.

      Pingdom Extractor

      We've launched a new extractor for Pingdom.

      This extractor will fetch data collected by the Pingdom service about your web application's uptime and performance metrics. This allows you to directly examine your application's performance and what effects that may have on your campaigns, sales activities, or other business metrics.

      Detailed descriptions of the data structure and a guide to help get you started are available in the KBC User Documentation.