Storage Jobs Errors

2024-07-10 12:45 UTC We are experiencing some storage jobs failing with application errors since 12:00 UTC. We are currently investigating the issue and will provide an update within one hour.

2024-07-10 13:45 UTC We are still investigating the issue that is occurring since 12:00 UTC. Our team is working to identify and resolve the problem. We will provide another update within one hour.

2024-07-10 15:00 UTC We have likely identified the root cause of the problem. Our team is preparing to revert the changes that were deployed on the platform earlier today. Once the previous version is deployed, the issue should be resolved. We will provide another update within one hour.

2024-07-10 15:30 UTC The issue has been resolved by deploying the previous version. Jobs created after 15:25 UTC should no longer fail with internal errors. If you observe any issues, please feel free to contact our support team. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2024-07-12 06:50 UTC  We are investigating additional potential impacts of the earlier issue. In very rare cases, it may cause table export mismatches between jobs within the same project. This is not confirmed yet. We will contact affected customers if any are identified.