Some jobs are failing with OAuth Broker deprecation notice

2023-10-11 5:54 UTC - Some runs of component using OAuth Broker are failing with User errors "OAuth Broker v2 has been deprecated". We are investigating the issue.

2023-10-11 6:30 UTC - We have identified the cause of the issue. Yesterday at 13:20 UTC, a new UI version was deployed that contained a bug in configuration editor.

During the configuration editing of components that are using the OAuth Broker, the version paremeter was of the broker 3 was inadvertently deleted.

It affected only configrations that were created or modified between 2023-10-10 13:20 UTC and 2023-10-11 6:00 UTC. Jobs of these configurations are ending with User Error "OAuth Broker v2 has been deprecated on September 30, 2019."

UI changes were reverted, but your failing configurations need to be fixed manually.

Go to the all version history in your configuration and use "Restore" button to revert changes you made. It will also revert OAuth configuration back to use newer broker v3. New configuration modifications won't break the settings anymore.

Second option to fix the issue is reauthorization of OAuth in your configuration.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.