Some failing data uploads in GoodData Writer

In last days several errors with message like "Could not export table out.c-main.products from Storage API: Table Activities not found in bucket out.c-main." appeared unexpectedly. It is direct consequence of this change from December. When you call upload project or load-data and load-data-multi API calls without parameter tables, Writer takes all configured tables and tries to upload them. But when some table is missing from Storage API and still has configuration in the writer, this failure happens. And it didn't happen earlier because Writer automatically removed configuration for deleted SAPI tables.

But because this problem confused several of our clients, we decided to make this behaviour more comfortable. Now if you call upload project or load-data and load-data-multi without parameter tables, Writer will ignore configurations of non-existing tables and won't fail. However if you call load-data or load-data-multi with explicitly listed tables (in parameter tables) and some of these tables doesn't exist, the job will still fail.

We apologize for the confusion.