Upcoming configuration changes in GoodData Writer

Our GoodData Writer is going to begin saving configurations to our Components Configurations in the Storage API, rather than the sys stage bucket and tables it uses now. This will bring a performance boost, reduce the API response time (i.e. improve KBC UI performance), improve the clarity of the configuration and bring better versioning and rollback possibilities. This change will apply for bucket attributes (containing GoodData credentials and project identifiers), date dimensions, datasets and filters, see the API docs for more information: http://docs.keboolagooddatawriterv2.apiary.io/#introduction/configuration-in-storage-api/components-api

We will proceed in several steps. First, configurations of all writers will be automatically migrated to the Configuration storage in several waves over the upcoming days. You will be notified by the notifications system in KBC UI once the migration is complete. Once completed, every configuration change performed using the API (including KBC UI) will be written to both places. Please keep in mind however, that if you alter your writer’s configuration directly in sys bucket, these changes won't be synchronised to the new configuration and you will need to manage the synchronisation yourself.

In the second step, we will switch to reading configurations from the Configuration storage rather than the sys bucket. And in the third step, writing to the sys bucket will be stopped and sys bucket configuration tables (data_sets, date_dimensions and filters) will be deleted. We will inform you about each of these steps when they occur.

The remaining configuration tables (projects, users, project_users, filters_projects and filters_users) will not be changing for now, but in the long term they will be completely removed and their data will be only stored in the Writer's backend. So by the end of this journey, we will say goodbye to the whole configuration bucket in sys stage.