New version of AdWords Extractor

AdWords Extractor has been rewritten as Docker component and the old version will be switched off by the end of March. Till then its users are kindly requested to migrate their configuration to the new version. Here is how to do it:

  1. Choose AdWords v2 from list of extractors
  2. Create new configuration and give it some name as usual
  3. Click on Authorize Account button which will redirect you to Google and ask for authorization to download your AdWords data.
  4. Add extraction configuration to the Parameters text area. It is in json format and must contain AdWords developer token, customer id, bucket where you want the data to be saved and configuration of queries. Optionally it may contain parameters since and until to specify dates interval for stats (it is "-1 day" i.e. "yesterday" by default). See documentation for more information.

Please note that the new Extractor saves data incrementally which means that you have to add primary keys if you want to fill data to existing tables.