Mailkit Extractor Update

Mailkit has extended its API with new functions allowing retrieval of RAW data about your campaigns. A new functionality has been added to the Mailkit Extractor as well to match the new API modifications. Now you can retrieve all data using the new three functions. They are designed to pull large volumes of data and the retrieval is much faster than with the original recursive functions. 

More information about the modification can be found in the documentation.

Mailkit Writer

Following the release of the Mailkit Extractor last week I am pleased to announce the release of its counterpart - the Mailkit Writer. 

This simple component allows you to easily create and update your mailing lists. Its easy and straightforward configuration is described here.

The component is developed as 3rd party extension. For more information, please refer to the documentation. In case of any issues or questions, please contact me at

Mailkit Extractor

I am proud to announce the launch of a new Keboola Connection component - the Mailkit extractor.

With this component you can easily download all valuable insights about your e-mail campaigns provided by this powerful e-mail marketing tool.

Simple configuration supporting the new generic UI based on the configuration schema makes it easy and comfortable to set up. You can simply choose datasets you are interested in or let the component download all of them. The time range of retrieved data can be easily set by specifying either relative period or you can set the period based on the last run of a configuration, which is especially useful in orchestration scenarios. 

The component is developed as 3rd party extension. For more information on configuration, please refer to the documentation. In case of any issues or questions, please contact me at

P.S. The Mailkit Writer component to accompany this one is coming soon, so stay tuned.

SilverPop Writer

IBM Silverpop Engage is powerful cloud-based digital marketing platform that provides email marketing and lead management solutions. It allows to create effective email marketing campaigns leveraging behavior-based customer insights. Silverpop provides an XML API interface allowing integration with other systems such as KBC which allowed the creation of this component.

The new SilverPop writer component allows you to update various contact data for your Silverpop email marketing campaigns directly from KBC. It uses Silevrpop's asynchronous API calls allowing you to easily add or update large volumes of data directly in the specified Engage database or contact list(s). 

You can easily upload data from any of your out. tables by specifying it in the Table Input Mapping section. Then you need to provide your login credentials for the Silverpop Engage portal along with Url's of the API endpoint and sftp server in the configuration parameters.

There are various configuration parameters that can be set. You can set columns you want to export, mapping of the exported columns to the Engage database, contact list id's and many others. All of the configuration parameters are thoroughly described in the documentation on github repository.

The component was developed as a 3rd party extension to KBC. If you have any questions regarding the component, please do not hesitate to contact me at

AdForm Master Data extractor

This new extractor now makes it possible to retrieve data from AdForm Master Data service and store them in KBC for further analysis. Importing any of the specified tables within required interval is easily done just by specifying their prefixes in configuration parameters. 

You can either retrieve just fact tables or include metadata tables of your choice as well. All you need to do is to specify login credentials, the name of a bucket, list of table/metadata prefixes and time interval in the configuration. The tables will then be imported into the specified bucket,

Note that the primary indexes of the imported tables need to be set manually in KBC. More information on the component and configuration settings can be found here.

The component was developed as an 3rd party extension to KBC. If you have any questions regarding the component, please do not hesitate to contact me at (