Mailkit Extractor

I am proud to announce the launch of a new Keboola Connection component - the Mailkit extractor.

With this component you can easily download all valuable insights about your e-mail campaigns provided by this powerful e-mail marketing tool.

Simple configuration supporting the new generic UI based on the configuration schema makes it easy and comfortable to set up. You can simply choose datasets you are interested in or let the component download all of them. The time range of retrieved data can be easily set by specifying either relative period or you can set the period based on the last run of a configuration, which is especially useful in orchestration scenarios. 

The component is developed as 3rd party extension. For more information on configuration, please refer to the documentation. In case of any issues or questions, please contact me at

P.S. The Mailkit Writer component to accompany this one is coming soon, so stay tuned.