Failing GoodData Writer jobs

We are experiencing problems with one of our server causing fails of some GoodData Writer jobs. They typically end with “Job execution error” message without other explanation. We are working on fix. Thanks for your patience.

Update: The problem should be fixed by now.

Share your sandbox

On the new sandbox credentials page you can now share your sandbox database to another user in the same project. The user, you’re sharing your sandbox with, needs to have active sandbox credentials, and your sandbox database will show up in the databases list in his MySQL client.

GoodData Writer UI - small update

Reset Project - you can discard existing GoodData project and automatically recreate new one. Existing Writer’s configuration will be reused. 

Turn Maintenance On - if you turn it on, all communication with GoodData API will be paused. 

Reset Table - by pressing this button, GoodData dataset will be removed and your table configuration will be ready to create fresh dataset.