iTunes Connect Extractor

iTunes Connect helps to manage the content sold on the Apple iTunes, iBooks Store and App Store. If you are working with the content for Apple devices, you have the basic analytics available in iTunes Connection Web Application where you can track the standard information. However, if there is a need for more detailed information and usage in deeper context (e.g. to make a mashup with other data sources), it may be handy to use Keboola Connection (as we needed in and that was the main reason for writing of this extension.

iTunes Connect Extractor is based on Apple Autoingestion Tool and written in Node.js and deployed with Docker.

For successful login you need to pass the iTunes Connect username, password and vendor id assigned to your iTunes account. How to pass these credentials and other params is written in Github repository. Apple's official guide is also handy for deeper understanding of all parameters.

The limitation of current version is that there is only possible to extract the Sales data only (with all available fields, described in documentation in Github repository as well) and the configuration have to be passed via JSON. You can download data within specified date period or use the daily increments.The next major version will have functionality for downloading Earnings data and have a proper user interface.

Feel free to use the iTunes Extractor and you find any issue or have any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me at