Strict time-out in Snowflake Writer

Between Mar 29 10:03 UTC and Mar 29 13:10 UTC all Snowflake Writer jobs had accidentally 15 seconds limit and potentially ended-up by error message:

Statement reached its statement or warehouse timeout of 15 second(s) and was canceled.

All Snowflake writers should be fully operational now. Only four jobs were affected by this bug - Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience!

Week in Review -- March 27, 2017

Trash for configurations

One of the most wanted features in Keboola Connection was the option to restore deleted configuration.

We are happy to announce this feature is now avalable for all users.

This feature allows you to:

1. Check who and when deleted a configuration

2. Restore configuration

Configuration Restore is supported by all components, except Orchestrator, GoodData Writer and some old components which have configuration in a bucket created in `sys` stage.

3. Delete configurations permanently

If you use "Empty Trash" button, all configurations will be deleted permanently. There is no other way to restore them!

As always, you can use mentioned functionality by calling our Storage API:

Fixes and improvements

  • added optional parameter to specify warehouse in Snowflake Database Writer
  • fixed credentials editing in DB writers

Facebook Ads API v2.7 deprecation from April 25, 2017

tldr; If you're using the old Facebook Ads (Deprecated) extractor then migrate to new extractor or set the `api_version` attribute to v2.8 in corresponding configuration sys table of the old extractor before April 25 2017.

Marketing API(aka Facebook Ads API) version v2.7 has been marked as deprecated and will stop working from April 25, 2017. The latest version is v2.8, see Marketing API Changes in v2.8.

The New Facebook Ads extractor uses version v2.8 by default so no actions are required.

The Old Facebook Ads extractor uses version v2.7 by default. The best thing to do would be to migrate to the new extractor. Another possibility is to override the api version setting: Go to the configuration sys table and update the attribute api_version with value v2.8. There should be no incompatibilities, but we offer no guarantees.

Week in Review -- March 20, 2017

New Components

  • Facebook Extractors have been rewritten. For more information see this post.

New Features

  • We added Table Data Filter to latest versions of our database writers. So it's possible to filter data by "days" and "conditions"

  • New option of bucket sharing has been added. Now you can share buckets to your whole organization (by setting new sharing option) and anyone in your organization be able to link bucket to his project.

Minor Improvements & Fixes

  • From now, attempt to set nonexistent column as Primary Key (in Storage API) will cause an user error

New Facebook Extractors

As you might have already noticed, new versions of Facebook Extractor and Facebook Ads Extractor, that runs on container based architecture,  are available. The old ones have been marked deprecated.

Improvements compared to the old extractors

  • UI templates allow you to easily configure the extraction. 
  • More customisation possible (more endpoints, different api versions)
  • The output tables have more intuitive structures.  Unfortunately this means that direct data transfer from the old extractor is not possible
  • Tables are always incrementally imported with auto-detected primary keys


Due to various differences in output tables structure and configuration between new and old Facebook extractors we don't provide automatic migration tool, however there is basic tutorial on how to create configuration with same authorized account. See here for Facebook and here for Facebook Ads extractor.

We are always glad to receive feedback, so if you have any questions or ideas how to improve this component, please don't hesitate to contact us. Go ahead and try it ;)

Deprecation of MySQL database provisioning for database writers

We no longer provide Keboola MySQL database provisioning for database writers. Existing Keboola provisioned MySQL databases will be kept intact till the end of Jun 2017. Existing MySQL users will have to move to their own MySQL instances. Here are a few suggestions of vendors which provide MySQL provisioning:

Amazon AWS

- DigitalOcean

- Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

- Rackspace

You can keep your data inside KBC and connect to them directly. We believe that our Snowflake Writer is a great replacement for your existing MySQL Writer, so please check it out!

Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions!

Trouble Signing In

Signing into KBC with your Google account is not working presently.
We're investigating and hope to have it resolved shortly.
In the meantime, please sign in using the standard email and password method.

Sorry for this inconvenience,  this post will be updated when further information becomes available.

UPDATE 08:21 UTC We have identified the issue. The fix will be deployed in ASAP.

UPDATE 08:55 UTC Signing in with your Google account is again fully operational.

Week in Review -- March 13, 2017

New Components

Snowflake Extractor
  • Snowflake Extractor is now in private beta. For an early access please contact us at

Minor Improvements

  • Next Event application now estimates the date of the next event


  • Fixed all dead links on and

  • Google Sign In correctly redirects after authorization

  • Keboola Connection cookies use the secure flag

  • Password reset does not leak information about (non)existing user

  • Orchestrator trims notification email addresses, no more whitespace mess

  • GoodData Writer properly propagates errors when creating a new writer

  • GoodData Writer does not remove our domain admin from a project which is shared among more writers

Failing GoodData Writer Jobs

We've noticed some write jobs to GoodData have been failing since their most recent maintenance period.  

We're investigating the issue and will update here as soon as possible.

Update 11:30AM March 12, 2017

The failures were due to a breaking change update to the GoodData date dimension API during their last maintenance period.   It should only affect projects which are using custom date dimensions.  We are currently assessing options to remedy the situation.

Update 20:30 CET March 12, 2017

For any orchestration that failed to write to GoodData this weekend, in order to have it run correctly, please edit the task and change the action from `upload-project` to `load-data`.  It should then work correctly if you re-run it. 

Please note however that new writers with custom time dimensions, or changes to old configurations which had them, may still fail.

Update 13:20 CET March 13, 2017

GoodData has fixed the issue. All existing configurations should work now. The switch from `upload-project` to `load-data` is no longer required, but we still recommend it as best practice to prevent possible future issues.

Update 07:00 CET March 14, 2007

In some cases the GoodData writer jobs are still failing. Switching to `load-data` is the correct remedy. Read what GoodData has to say.

Update 15:47 CET March 14, 2007

The issue seems to have been completely resolved as per GoodData Support.  

Week in Review -- March 6, 2017

Minor Improvements

  • We have upgraded the Google Sign-in to the latest most secure version.


  • Dropping a empty primary key in Storage no longer causes an error.

  • Creating a Storage table with a missing S3 file now returns a proper error message.

  • Handle correctly a situation when a primary key is supplied as an array to a Storage table.