Connection outage

We have experienced a brief outage of  Keboola Connection application and API between 12:42 and 12:45 UTC. Some jobs might have failed with an application exception.

We're sorry for this inconvenience, if not sure what was the cause of any failed job, please contact us

Jobs outage

Jobs were unaccessible between 4:30am–4:31am PST which caused failure of few orchestrations. These were restarted.


The issue reappeared between 5:48am and 6:09am PST. All failed orchestrations were restarted.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Files storage errors

AWS S3 service which powers files storage is reporting increased error rate in our main region. It is causing failure of some jobs.

We hope for a quick fix, please bear with us, we'll post any updates here.

UPDATE 1:52 AM PDT AWS team have identified the root cause of the elevated error rates and is actively working on the recovery process now.

UPDATE 3:46 AM PDT The error has been corrected and the service is operating normally.

UPDATE 12:26 PM PDT Unfortunately problems are back again. We are waiting response from AWS.

UPDATE 12:28 PM PDT The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

Google Drive Extractor Issues

In the past few days we encountered problems with imports from Google Drive.

These problems were caused by Google's auto-migration to "New Sheets".

If you have problem with your Google Drive Extractor, removing and re-adding the problematic sheet will fix the issue. 

Be aware of your previous sheet configuration like "output mapping to SAPI table" or "transposition". 

Contact if you are not sure how to do it. issues, backend API powering our Pigeon Extractor (email data import), has an incidents with their infrastructure (caused by Rackspace maintenance). Their status page is here, twitter account here. When they stabilise their platform, everything should be OK. Please be patient.