Pingdom Extractor

We've launched a new extractor for Pingdom.

This extractor will fetch data collected by the Pingdom service about your web application's uptime and performance metrics. This allows you to directly examine your application's performance and what effects that may have on your campaigns, sales activities, or other business metrics.

Detailed descriptions of the data structure and a guide to help get you started are available in the KBC User Documentation.

Orchestrator table deletion announcement

All Orchestration configurations have been migrated to dedicated configuration storage and old configuration tables in sys.c-orchestrator bucket are no longer used.

Therefore we will automatically delete the configuration bucket sys.c-orchestrator (including its contents) on next Wednesday, April 18. After deletion, you will be informed by KBC notification.

To access orchestration configurations programatically, you must use the Orchestration API.

Week in Review – May 2, 2016

Tableau Writer improvements

You can now use our standard data filter in table export configuration

Geneea NLP Analysis improvements

As in previous case, input date filtering is available

New configurations will use incremental import by default, when primary key is specified.
To make this working in your existing configurations, you will have to create primary index in destination table and edit/save configuration. 

Redshift Transformations

The option for storing persistent tables was removed, because nobody is using it anymore

GoodData Writer improvements

Tables from "in" data stage are newly allowed in configuration

Project settings page redesign

People from Keboola Support are identified by small badge before their icon in users list


Actions were added to our Docker Runner. It is way to run quick synchronous tasks in your KBC extensions

SSO access to GoodData failures

We have encountered problem with SSO links generated by our GoodData Writer.

UPDATE: This issue has been solved. All SSO links should be valid now.

List of products, which are hit by this problem:

- On demand SSO access to GoodData in Keboola Connection 

- Keboola Academy

- Keboola Sardine

We are working on the fix of the problem. We are sorry for any inconvenience. issues, backend API powering our Pigeon Extractor (email data import), has an incidents with their API. Their status page is here, twitter account here. When they stabilise their platform, everything should be OK. Please be patient.

Deleting Buckets and Snapshots

To simplify cleanup tasks in KBC storage we've added support for deleting non-empty buckets.  You no longer have to delete any tables before deleting your bucket, so this should save some time when cleaning up your workspace.

We've also added support for deleting table snapshots, which should be helpful when working with tables and snapshots.

Both functions are available through the KBC Storage API, documented here: "drop bucket"  and "delete snapshot"