Week in Review -- June 14, 2017

Updated Components

  • GoodData Writer supports login parameter in the Create User API call to specify different mailing address
  • GoodData Writer supports full parameter in the Synchronize Dataset API call to perform full sync without data preservation
  • DB2 Extractor supports SSH tunneling

New Features

Community News

  • ZOOT developed extractor to download data from CJAffiliate’s Commission detail service API

Minor Improvements


  • Snowflake Extractor supports large files

Week in Review -- May 22, 2017

We're sorry for the delayed delivery of our newsletter. So here's what's new since April 25th. 

New Components

Snowflake DB Extractor 

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Writer

Martin Humpolec, a Salesforce specialist, developed and published a Salesforce Analytics Cloud writer.

Updated Components

  • Facebook and Facebook Ads extractors retry when receive one of the following errors: Unkwnon error / Unexpected error / Please reduce the amount of data error

New Features

  • Snowflake and Redshift transformation input mapping can convert empty values to null

Community News

  • David Ešner's FTP extractor supports compressed files

Minor Improvements

  • All components can now handle files/tables larger than 5 GB
  • Under Your Account / Sessions (https://connection.keboola.com/admin/account/sessions) you can see all your active sessions and revoke them
  • Keboola Connection session ids are encrypted using CRYPT_BLOWFISH


  • Fixed privileges for deleting linked buckets 

Strict Primary Key Checking Announcement

No project should be affected in their daily operations and no action is required, this is a purely informational message about an upcoming change.

From May 3rd we will begin gradually turn on strict primary key checking in all applications. This will cause all components writing to Storage to fail if the primary key on the table does not match the one set in the component's configuration. 

Previously the primary key was set when the table was created and was not checked any further. 

We recently started monitoring primary key mismatches and tried to fix them automatically - the component executor tried to modify the primary key on the table so that it would match the configuration. A few situations arose where it couldn't be fixed automatically:

  • New primary key contained columns not present in the table
  • New primary key could not be set as there were duplicate values in the new primary key columns
  • Several configurations in the project were changing the primary key back and forth

We have contacted all projects affected by these issues and resolved them. We will continue to monitor this situation closely until we switch on the strict checking. 

Transformations UI update

We have slightly updated some of the input fields in the Transformations UI. 

  • Packages, Stored Files and Requires are editable straight away and save immediately after each change.
  • Queries and Scripts are editable straight away too, but you can reset (to the previous state) or save the change with a button.

No more clicking to edit a field. If you delete or add something by accident, you can always revert to the previous version.

Let us know what you think!

Short Quay.io outage

On April 11 between 4:15pm and 4:31pm CEST our connection to quay.io was down. All Docker images stored there were inaccessible. That caused failures in running some components. If you encountered an application error during that period, this outage was likely the culprit. 

Unfortunately status.quay.io remains silent about this outage. 

We are sorry for this inconvenience and to mitigate similar issues in the future, we will move all used Docker images from public repositories (DockerHub and Quay.io) to our private repository in AWS ECR.

Updated UI for S3 Extractor and CSV Import

We have updated the UI for the S3 Extractor and the CSV Import tool. We're keen on trying new things to improve your user experience with Keboola Connection and hope that these improvements offer a simpler and easier approach to editing your component configurations.

There is no difference between editing and non-editing state, everything is directly editable and the state of the Save button indicates if the configuration has been changed or not. 

If this approach proves useful and stands the test of time, we'll carry it on to other components as well.

Let us know what you think!

Week in Review -- March 13, 2017

New Components

Snowflake Extractor
  • Snowflake Extractor is now in private beta. For an early access please contact us at support@keboola.com.

Minor Improvements

  • Next Event application now estimates the date of the next event


  • Fixed all dead links on status.keboola.com and help.keboola.com

  • Google Sign In correctly redirects after authorization

  • Keboola Connection cookies use the secure flag

  • Password reset does not leak information about (non)existing user

  • Orchestrator trims notification email addresses, no more whitespace mess

  • GoodData Writer properly propagates errors when creating a new writer

  • GoodData Writer does not remove our domain admin from a project which is shared among more writers

AWS S3 Outage

Keboola Connection is suffering very hard from the ongoing AWS S3 outage. All workers are down, lots of functionality is broken. For more details please see https://status.aws.amazon.com/

Once the AWS team fixes the issue, Keboola Connection will be up and working again. 

We're sorry for this inconvenience and thanks a lot for your understanding and patience.