New S3 Extractor

This one took us a while, but we believe it's worth it. We carefully gathered feedback and made the most commonly used features accessible through a new streamlined UI. And there's even more under the hood.

The original AWS S3 extractor was renamed to Simple AWS S3. It stays fully supported and is not being deprecated. There's no need to migrate your configurations.

There are several major differences between the original and the new extractor. The new AWS S3 extractor

  • can download multiple files/tables using a single set of credentials.
  • fully supports incremental loads.
  • is more flexible.

The UI of the new extractor supports many features, but the extractor is not limited by its UI: it is the first component that openly supports processors. Opening the JSON editor (aka Power User Mode) opens up the configuration to endless possibilities. The extractor itself does only a simple job – downloads a set of files from S3. All other jobs (decompression, CSV fixing, setting the manifest file, etc.) are delegated to processors. You can order and configure the processors so that they handle the files as required. You can even develop your own processor in case you're missing something. We're fully aware that this is not an easy concept to grasp, but it's intended for advanced users. Not advanced? Use the UI.

The list of available processors will be kept and updated in the Developer Portal list of components. A full description of the extractor is available in our documentation.

One step closer to replacing legacy Restbox. The HTTP extractor will follow shortly.