Week in Review -- April 4, 2016

Last week was shorter for us due to Easter, but we managed to do more things in a shorter time.

Versions Management

We introduced simple management for transformation buckets. You are now able to rollback to the previous version of your transformation. Or simply copy one version to another.

Read more about Versions Management in previous post.


We're still working on our documentation to provide you with best support. Whether for easier components configurations or diving more into Keboola Connection in general.

Check our post about Documentation Changes.


Thanks to you, our users, we can detect anomalies (or bugs) in components faster. Thus after applying patches, components will be better for all, not only for issue reporters.

  • Small fixes have been applied to Keboola Connection UI
  • Bings Ads extractor, provided by David Ešner, has been updated

Inplace Table Preview

Have an instant preview of the storage table right in place such as transformation mappings configuration, most of the extractors and writers configuration, job detail page etc. No need to switch between Storage Console in most of the cases.

Table id is displayed as a link:

Click on the link and get modal dialog pop up with general info about the table, its sample data, and the most recent events:

Pigeon Importer app

Attach your data(a csv or gzipped csv file) and send it to a given email, the pigeon will check the inbox and import the received attachment into a storage api table. The whole work flow can be configured via Pigeon Importer UI app and then registered as a regular orchestration task.