Improvements in GoodData Writer

There are some under the hood improvements to GoodData Writer which allow you to rename datasets already exported to GoodData and freely rename attributes and facts (to this moment GoodData Writer has been automatically adding name of dataset to attribute/fact title). 

Also there is possibility to change default GoodData identifiers for datasets and their columns. This is suitable especially for projects migrated from CloudConnect, otherwise you won't need this feature probably.

This improvement is available immediately for new writers but existing ones will be migrated in several waves during upcoming days.

Results limit and pagination in GoodData Writer API

Listing of users (GET /users), projects (GET /projects) and project users (GET /project-users) has been limited to 10000 results. To this moment listing of much more results didn't work anyway, Writer returned error instead of the listing. So if your writer contains more results and you have a script which process them, you will need to update it to support pagination. It works using parameters offset and limit (see docs for more information)

GoodData Writer: data load to all active tables

Parameter tableId of data loading API calls /gooddata-writer/load-data and /gooddata-writer/load-data-multi is optional now. If the parameter is not present, data load will be performed to all active tables (i.e. tables with flag export=1). See Apiary docs

Support in Orchestrator UI is being prepared. When it is ready you will be able to replace /gooddata-writer/upload-project call with one of these to speed up the loads and avoid unnecessary model updates.

Network errors in GoodData Writer

GoodData Writer experiences occurring network errors during download of csv files from storage and that cause failures of some load data jobs. We are working on fix. Thanks for patience. 

Update: It seems that the network errors ceased. In addition we published a fix which should properly deal with such errors in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

User Filters configuration change in GoodData Writer

We have deployed improvements to Mandatory User Filters which need a change in writers configuration. Your configurations will be migrated automatically but here is a list of changes:

Table filters contained columns name, attribute, element, operator, uri and now contains only name, attribute, operator, value (element has been renamed to value and uri moved tofilters_projects table)

Table filters_projects contained columns filterName, pid and now contains uri, filter, pid

Table filters_users contained columns filterName, userEmail and now contains id, filter, email (id is generated by Writer and is unique for each combination of filter name and email)