New Application for Personalized Recommendation by Recombee

Have you ever thought about the hidden potential in your data? If you have many products and many customers, Personalized Recommendations by Recombee can boost your business.

You probably have purchases of your customers stored in the Keboola cloud. We prepared an application to show you how our recommendations can change your business. Using your data, the application generates list of recommended products for each of your users, based of his/her personal preferences. The recommendations can be, by example, used for your marketing campaigns. The application is also able to generate list of related products for each product from your catalog, which can be used directly on your e-commerce web pages. Furthermore, we can also deliver valuable insights to help understand your customers and discover complex relationships among products in your data.

Follow this link to learn how to use our application and upload your data simply by selecting right columns in your database table.