Generic Extractor date function fix

We have discovered a bug in the Generic extractor, offsetting the string generated by user function `date` by two hours to the "Europe/Prague" timezone.

This error has been fixed and the fix will be deployed on wednesday April 14th. If your extractor uses a date function with `previousStart` time, it might cause a two hour overlap in results of some queries, in case it has been used to set a "since" date for some extraction.

The affected configuration would contain an object such as the following:

{ "start_date": { "function": "date", "args": [ "Y-m-d+H: i", { "time": "previousStart" } ] } }

We apologize for the inconvenience.

End of life announcement: Old ex-generic

The old generic extractor has been fully replaced by ex-generic-v2, and will no longer be supported. 

All existing and actively used configurations have been migrated to the new extractor. If your project used the old version (configured in SAPI tables), you should have already been contacted and received configuration for the new extractor. If you use the old extractor and haven't received a message about it, please contact us at

The old extractor will be taken down on 29.2.2016

Twitter extractor issues

We have been experiencing increased error rate from our Twitter extractor recently.

Today we've updated the extractor and the issue seems to have been remedied. It is possible that some configurations will still finish with an error on import to Storage API. To fix that error, backup and delete the target table that failed to be imported. The results table creation has been improved in the extractor so that this error should not occur any longer, but it's possible some of existing tables have incorrect columns, or some of their existing columns will have to be processed again by the extractor upon receiving such data from Twitter.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Please contact us at in case this error keeps occuring even after deleting problematic result tables.

Twitter extractor update

We have updated Twitter Extractor, fixing some issues with OAuth authentication and processing of the data from Twitter.

As a side effect some of the results may have fewer columns, resulting on error on import to Storage API. None of the affected columns should contain meaningful data since they've been processed in a wrong way previously. Simply deleting columns mentioned in an import error message from affected tables will remedy the issue. 

We apologize for the inconvenience if any of your configurations is affected!

Facebook Ads Extractor API Update 2.4 [30.9.2015]

The current API version (2.3) our Facebook Ads Extractor uses will be deprecated on 7.10.2015. 

We will update the extractor to current 2.4 version. Please review the changelog and see if it affects your counfiguration:

If your extractor fails, or delivers wrong data after 30.9., please let us know and we'll investigate what caused the problem.

Generic Extractor update

We have fixed an error in handling recursive calls in the new Generic extractor.

If you had a working configuration which uses recursions - by using the children parameter for a job (see, the format of result data and the parent ID column might have changed, which could result in a failed import to Storage API.

Please let us know if such error affects you and we'll take care of it!

Dropbox Writer

We've added Dropbox to our list of Writers. 

You can now easily upload any of your out. tables to your dropbox account by using the Writers menu in your project, add Dropbox and authorize Keboola Connection to write to your dropbox folder. Once you're done with that, you can tick any of your output tables and they will be pushed to your dropbox once you run the Writer, or you might just click the upload button next to a table in the list to do an one-time upload.