Old Keboola Connection Shut Down

Both new Keboola Connection and old version has been available for some time side by side. Old version was keep alive due to included Facebook token verification, this feature has been moved to extractor. 

There were no another reasons maintain old version longer, it was shut down today.

Storage API File Uploads

Files API can provide temporary AWS credentials for file upload or download. Use the federationToken parameter for upload  and for download

It is handy for integration with other AWS services such as Redshift, you can also utlize existing AWS SDKs for file uploads.

File uploads backend has also been migrated to Elastic search, expect search and tagging capatibilities in near future.

New extractor: telfa.cz

There’s a new extractor you can use from the Keboola Connection’s Extractor tab.

It serves for extracting call log from Telfa into Storage API.

If you set the filter to “from”, which is a date since when you want to extract calls to auto, it will automatically load all the calls initially, and all the subsequent runs of the extractor (using the same configuration, of course) will extract calls since the previous execution (with a minimal overlap).