Data Takeout

As a part of our commitment to openness and total, utter and complete aversion to "customer lock in" tactics, we introduced a "Data Takeout" functionality. It's been around for awhile actually, but now it is right there in the UI. This means that shall our customer become less than completely satisfied with us, there's no technical barrier for them to collect all their data AND the project structure (including all transformation scripts and queries etc.) at a push of a button. (And yeah, we took a hint from Google on how to call the service.)

What this button does is to export everything into AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

Several files will be created there, which will contain:

  • All bucket and table metadata (attributes, names, columns, settings)
  • All table data exported to gzipped CSV files
  • All component configurations (e.g. transformation configuration with all queries, database extractor settings and queries, etc.)

Export can be limited only to metadata and configurations and the "Data Take Out" button can be found at Users & Settings page.

Maintenance Announcement

On October 27th, 2015 we will perform  maintenance of our database servers. This will cause a maintenance window from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (GMT+1).

During the maintenance, you can't access your data. All running tasks will be monitored by us and restarted in case of any interruption. 

Manual File Uploads Fixed

We've made some changes to the file uploads.

Previously, manual file uploads were behaving a little unreliably.  Occasionally, the file appeared to have been uploaded, but in reality it had not been.  This has now  been fixed, so when you see a file listed, you can be sure that it is really there.

Also, all uploaded files are now immediately encrypted for storage.


Adform Extractor

We've launched a new extractor for Adform. You can start using it right away -- the extractor's interface will guide you through configuration.

With the Adform extractor we are introducing the concept of configuration templates. Templates are predefined common configurations that help you quickly set up the extractor without tons of settings. Templates also reduce duplication of tasks and support knowledge sharing. Soon other extractors will also gain template support, and we are also working on mechanism of publishing templates.

Setup extractor from predefined template:

You can then tune the extractor created from template:

Feel free to use this extractor and if you find any issue or have any question or suggestion let us know at .

Files storage errors

AWS S3 service which powers files storage is reporting increased error rate in our main region. It is causing failure of some jobs.

We hope for a quick fix, please bear with us, we'll post any updates here.

UPDATE 1:52 AM PDT AWS team have identified the root cause of the elevated error rates and is actively working on the recovery process now.

UPDATE 3:46 AM PDT The error has been corrected and the service is operating normally.

UPDATE 12:26 PM PDT Unfortunately problems are back again. We are waiting response from AWS.

UPDATE 12:28 PM PDT The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

New Keboola Connection

Today we have launched a brand new user interface Keboola Connection. Some of you have been already working with it and giving us feedback for a while.

Now it is available for everyone, so you can start exploring it right now. There are no big or conceptual changes so we hope everything will be familiar to you. And you'll have your work done faster.

Just a few highlights:

  • Consistent behaviour, every action provides feedback.
  • Interface doesn't lie like the old one, and pending indicators are shown for all actions so you can be sure that everything is saved when your action is complete.
  • It should be more descriptive and should guide you, we know there is still lot of work ahead of us.
  • All extractors, writers and orchestrations can be renamed
  • Faster navigation and linked relations like jobs and component configurations

Finally it is a solid base for upcoming enhancements and features. Important areas are collaboration, project overview and monitoring, better understanding and organization of data, project changelog.

We’d also love to hear your feedback, you can reach us on or if you want to be closer to development on our Github project page.

In case something went wrong you can still switch to the previous version by the link trick: just change the project url to yes, this one is old :)