Data Takeout

As a part of our commitment to openness and total, utter and complete aversion to "customer lock in" tactics, we introduced a "Data Takeout" functionality. It's been around for awhile actually, but now it is right there in the UI. This means that shall our customer become less than completely satisfied with us, there's no technical barrier for them to collect all their data AND the project structure (including all transformation scripts and queries etc.) at a push of a button. (And yeah, we took a hint from Google on how to call the service.)

What this button does is to export everything into AWS Simple Storage Service (S3).

Several files will be created there, which will contain:

  • All bucket and table metadata (attributes, names, columns, settings)
  • All table data exported to gzipped CSV files
  • All component configurations (e.g. transformation configuration with all queries, database extractor settings and queries, etc.)

Export can be limited only to metadata and configurations and the "Data Take Out" button can be found at Users & Settings page.