Week in Review -- September 19, 2016

Call for testers: OpenRefine Transformations BETA

Our new  OpenRefine transformations need some testers. Do you want early access and want to play with OpenRefine in Keboola Connection? Please contact us at support@keboola.com.

Google Analytics Extractor

The Google Analytics Extractor can now parse urls for queries.  So you can create your query with the very convenient  Google Analytics Query Explorer and simply copy and paste the url.

Versions management

Simplified access to latest version diff.

Announced Redshift maintenance canceled

We are cancelling previously announced maintenance of Redshift projects 

Other improvements and bugfixes

  • New Hubspot extractor published
  • Adwords extractor - more verbose logging
  • PostgreSQL extractor - fixed retry mechanism which previously caused invalid CSVs with duplicated header
  • Storage - fixed table size and rows count for Snowflake backed projects
  • Storage configurations - numeric ids are generated, fixed bug in duplicate ids creation
  • GoodData Writer - fixed grain settings for tables with custom identifiers 
  • Elasticsearch Writer - SSH tunnel support added