Week in review — January 20, 2020

New Features and Updates

Incremental Fetching

The following extractors now support Incremental Fetching:

  • Snowflake Extractor
  • Oracle Extractor
  • Redshift Extractor
  • Firebird Extractor
  • Cloudera Impala Extractor 

Job Performance

When a job is finished, we show you how long it took. If a job takes 10% longer (or less) than the average, we'll show you the difference.

Transformation Buckets

The list of Transformation Buckets is no longer collapsible and looks like other lists of configurations in an application.

Bucket details in Data Catalog

In a source project (a project which shares a bucket and "owns" data), you are able to see the bucket detail.

  • You can see how the bucket is shared (to organization members, projects members, selected projects, etc.).
  • You can edit the description of the bucket — it will be available for those users who want to link the bucket to their project.
  • You can see a list of tables and bucket properties (size, row count, etc.).
  • Also, if someone uses the bucket, you can see which project it is (Used by section).

In a destination project (where you can see and use a bucket):

  • You can see the description of the bucket and decide if you want to use it.
  • You can see a list of tables and bucket properties (size, row count, etc.).
  • If you decide to use the bucket, you will also see the link to Storage.

Show tables searched by metadata in Writers

In case you use our new feature Scaffolds, related writers (e.g., the Snowflake database writer) will show you all input tables that are searched by metadata.

Environment updates

  • R updated to 3.6.2
  • Python updated to 3.7.5

New Components