New UI for Keboola Connection

We started redesigning Keboola Connection in June, 2019. The first pages we changed were the pages related to authentication, followed by moving and redesigning the navigation. Today, we're happy to announce that the 3rd part of Keboola Connection redesign is ready and deployed. The content itself hasn't changed that much, but we invested a lot of time and effort into making all parts look similar to bring you better user experience.

Let's summarize the biggest changes:

  • New project dashboard - shows what's happening in the project.
  • Scaffolds - predefined blocks of configurations for specific use cases
  • Data Catalog - a new way of sharing data in the organization
  • Option to share buckets for a specific project in the organization
  • Option to share individual tables from different buckets (buckets are created automatically)

Brand New Dashboard

The new dashboard is the entry point to your project and you should find the most important information on the project there. You can learn what users are active in your project, who created a configuration recently, which jobs are currently running, etc.

Extractors, Writers and Applications are Components

We grouped all components together in the main navigation.

Each section has two parts:

  • Directory - list of all components available for the selected type (extractor, writer, and application)
  • My components - list of all components you have configured (also for the selected type)

Scaffolds (New in Keboola Connection)

Scaffolds allow you to use a group of prepared configurations for a specific use case by filling in only a few details (e.g., credentials). No additional configuration is required.

Data Catalog (New in Keboola Connection)

This is a new way you can now see the data shared from/to your project:

  • Data which you can use in your project (the section Shared with you)
  • Data you shared from your project (the section Shared from this project)

Bucket Sharing

You can share a bucket directly from the Data Catalog section:

Simple sharing - when you already have a prepared bucket you want to share.

Advanced sharing - when you want to create a new bucket with specific tables.

Also, a new type of sharing has been added. From now on, you can share a bucket to a specific project in your organization.

Storage, Transformations, Orchestrations

These sections have been slightly redesigned, but you should be able to find everything in the same place.

There are a few things we want to mention:

  • In the orchestration detail, the configured token is more visible.
  • Jobs in the orchestration detail can be filtered by their status (successful vs. failed).
  • In the transformation detail, you can find the information about the backend you used and the phase on the right side.


The Job detail page has also been redesigned.

Again, as with Transformations or Orchestrations, the content stays the same. We only reorganized it a bit. The event detail is shown in modal. Job parameters and Mapping (information about input/output tables) are shown in modal as well. Just click "Show all" in the particular section.

User and Project menus

These menus haven't changed much either. They were moved to the same line (as was Trash).

Anyway, we're going to continue to improve Keboola Connection for you, there are definitely more things to come. We hope you like our new UI and would love to hear your feedback!