Transformations UI update

We have slightly updated some of the input fields in the Transformations UI. 

  • Packages, Stored Files and Requires are editable straight away and save immediately after each change.
  • Queries and Scripts are editable straight away too, but you can reset (to the previous state) or save the change with a button.

No more clicking to edit a field. If you delete or add something by accident, you can always revert to the previous version.

Let us know what you think!

4 responses
Hi, ad Requires: it speeds up editing, but as they are not clickable anymore it slows down the workflow ad Editor: same, but now the query numbering is missing which was handy info in unedtiting stage. On the other hand, strech of the editor area on the mobile (iPhone) would be highly appreciated. Its often one needs to change a tiny thing and only on the phone at the moment. With current area its almost impossible, viz photo Cheers, Pavel
Hi Pavel, thanks for your comment. The items in Requires should be clickable (we fixed it on Thursday evening), can you please confirm, that it works for you? We are aware of discarding the query numbers and we're evaluating the situation. What do you use the query numbers for? To match error messages? Thanks for the screenshot on your mobile phone, I'll file a bug report and get this fixed. Please note, that the UI is not optimized for mobile browsers. Please do not hesitate to contact us here or at for any further comments. Ondra
Hi, thanks for reply. Requires: No, still doesnt work for me though. Numbering: Exactly that usage. Mobile: Perfect, it will help a lot. Doesn't have to be responsive, just workable. Cheers
Hi Pavel, can you please share details about the Requires with This is working on my end - Thanks a lot, Ondra