Transformation Versions Management

We're introducing a simple versions management for transformation buckets. You can quickly access some functions via a dropdown on transformation bucket page.

This dropdown shows only last 5 versions and allows to quickly rollback any of the previous versions or to copy the current version to a new bucket. All versions are available on a separate page via Show all versions menu option.

There you can see all versions, do a fulltext search within their descriptions, dates or authors, rollback to any version in history or copy any version to a new bucket.

Versions always work with the whole bucket, you cannot rollback or copy a single transformation. 

Please consider this as a first version - we're too excited to present you what we have so far we didn't want to wait to have everything ready. There are plenty of enhancements to come:

  • better change descriptions - we'll be fixing the messages to be more accurate and descriptive
  • versions for all components and their configurations
  • access to versions from transformations and not only buckets
  • diffing
  • dev workspace and committing changes
  • ability to set your own change description

Please let us know your thoughts, happy versioning! And of course, if you experience any unexpected behavior or find a bug, reach out to us at