Transformation Input Mapping: Views and Tables

We just introduced an icon in input mapping to show, whether the input mapping is created as a view or a table

Running Redshift transformations and reading data from Redshift Storage (which is the current recommended fastest option) you can choose between creating a table or a view in the input mapping. Whats the difference?

Views are lightning fast to create. Input mapping just aliases a table to your working schema within the cluster and that's it (including all filters). You can then layer another view on that and another... until you're done and you can set the final view as a source table for an output mapping. All the work is then done when processing the output mapping. That is the snatch - it is easier to reach the cluster's limits (memory, disk) with one large query (multiple nested views). And because the cluster is out of memory, it will also terminate all other queries running on the cluster at the same time. 

So please be careful when using views. If you're not sure, feel free to reach out to for more assistance.