Transformation configuration migration

Following an extensive testing with volunteer users (thank you all, you know who you are!), we will migrate transformation configuration storage for all projects. The migration will happen in several batches processed during a 5 days period next week. We'll be monitoring the process but we don't expect any failures, outages or other bugs.

Expected period of migration is Monday Feb 15th to Friday Feb 19th. Once your project is migrated, you'll get a notification (for each project in which you are an admin). 

During the migration process all your transformations will be serialized and uploaded to your project's File uploads for safekeeping.


The current method of storing configuration in* buckets has become obsolete and practically prohibits new features. Storing transformation configuration natively in a dedicated configuration storage (part of Storage API) opens, besides having some immediate benefits, the door for new exciting features. 


  • faster saving and loading of transformations (faster & smoother UI)
  • elimination of all sys.c-tr-* buckets (cleaner Storage console)
  • plenty of upcoming cool features (versioning, anyone?)

Should you encounter any issues during the migration or in case you have any concerns/questions regarding your project, don't hesitate to contact us at