Stopped Docker jobs

Due to a spike in AWS SPOT instances price our Docker workers were shut down around 12am UTC. This affects all jobs that are running on Docker components. We're working on fixing this issue and hope to resume all operations shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Update 04:30am UTC: All operations back to normal, all jobs should have resumed their execution. There was a minor failure with a Docker image for Generic Extractor, some of its jobs have failed with this error

User error: Container 'keboola/docker-generic-extractor:latest' failed: no such file or directory Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 08763383d5370bcdd6e1479da00ae369fe5d845c33485df5337239cc7bdd9c90: [8] System error: no such file or directory

This issue is now fixed and if you have encountered this error, please restart the job. 

Thanks for bearing with us and we're sorry for the inconvenience.