Power BI Desktop not showing Snowflake tables

We're investigating issues with Power BI not showing tables in your Snowflake workspace.

We're sorry for this inconvenience, we'll be updating this post with our findings.


Snowflake confirmed they can reproduce the issue and are investigating further. 

The issue affects transient tables (CREATE TABLE statement), but does not affect views. As a temporary workaround we suggest to log in directly into the Snowflake workspace and create views from all tables in the schema. These views should be immediately visible in Power BI.


Snowflake are preparing a new version of the ODBC Driver which allows Power BI to see the tables. Use the support button in your project to contact us to obtain this driver.

3 responses
Hi, Could you let us know when you can fix it? Because we are doing in many tables and parameters... there. If can create new views to use, we have to recreate so many things.
Hi Dung, we haven't heard back from Snowflake about the ETA of the fix. Once we get the information, we will update this post. Thanks for your patience.
We've updated the post with a link to new Snowflake driver, which should resolve the issue