Orchestrator Phases

We introduce a new concept of grouping orchestration tasks into phases. All tasks in a phase must be independent and so can be run simultaneously at once. In other words, all tasks that belong to the same phase are run in parallel and the next phase begins right after all task from the previous phase are finished. Phases are executed in order specified from top to bottom. There is a limit for running number of simultaneous jobs(i.e. orchestration tasks) that is typically set to 10 per project.

From now on, each and every orchestration task belongs to a phase. The existing orchestration tasks are initially split up into single task phases(one task per one phase).

By editing the orchestration tasks user can group tasks into phases. For example, a common setup could have 3 phases: Extract, Transform and Load.

(tip: when merging phases hold SHIFT to select all phases between two selected phases.)

You can also let automatically group tasks according to their component types(extractor, transformation, writer etc)