New Storage API Importer

We have launched a new version of Storage API Importer which is replacing old one running at

Storage API Importer simplifies the whole process of importing a table into Storage . The SAPI Importer allows you to make an HTTP POST request and import a file directly into a Storage table.

The HTTP request must contain the tableId and data form fields. Therefore to upload the new-table.csv CSV file (and replace the contents) into the new-table table in the in.c-main bucket, call:

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "" --form "data=@new-table.csv" ""

New Importer is now running as a standalone service so it gives us more control about service scaling, stability and performance.

Read more details in New Storage API Importer Documentation


The services are fully compatible the only difference is in hostname and path. That means all you need to do is replace to in your scripts.

So the following script:

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "" --form "data=@new-table.csv" ""

Will become:

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "" --form "data=@new-table.csv" ""

We will support old service December 2016. All customers using old service will be notified soon.

Are you not sure if you are using old importer service?

You can validate it with following steps:
  • Open storage page in your project
  • Search for component:sapi-importer in events
  • If there are no results then you are not using the old service.  If you see something similar to the screenshot below, then you are using the old service.