New Google Drive Writer

As we announced earlier, we have decided to split the current Google Drive Writer into two separate components to simplify their usage:

  • Google Sheets Writer - as its name implies, is designed to upload tabular data from Storage to Google Sheets.
  • (New) Google Drive Writer - will handle uploading general files to Google Drive.

Google Sheets Writer has already been available for some time and now we are proud to release the new version of Google Drive Writer.

The Google Drive Writer is best for uploading general files into Drive. It allows you to create a new file on each run and therefore is ideal for backup purposes.


  • Advanced Input Mapping
    • choose which columns will be uploaded
    • filter data by date or by column values

  • Update existing files or create new files


The existing Google Drive Writer will be deprecated soon and a migration tool will be made available to help you transfer your existing configurations to new Google Drive or Google Sheets Writer respectively.

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