Important Facebook Ads extractor update

On Friday April 8th we'll be switching our Facebook Ads extractor to Facebook Marketing API from v2.4 to v2.5. If your configuration is using a fixed API version (api_version bucket attribute), please update it manually.

Please see the Graph API changelog to verify your configuration won't break, here's a shortlist:

Marketing API Changes from v2.4 to v2.5

  • Consistent naming for three-level campaign structure between API and UI. This changes naming at endpoint, params, fields, and enum level. For the full list of changes, refer here.
    • Change /adcampaign_groups to /campaigns
    • Change /adcampaigns to /adsets
    • Change /adgroups to /ads
    • In the write path, change campaign_group_status, campaign_status, adgroup_status to status
  • Campaign
    • Change naming of objectives
  • Targeting
    • Response for call to /search?type=adgeolocation will contain only the 'City' instead of 'City, State'
    • Change {cpc, cpm, cpa}_{min, max, median}, such as cpc_min fields in /reachestimate to bid_amount_min, bid_amount_median, bid_amount_max. Change bid_for to optimize_for

Should you encounter any issues after the update, please let us know at

In case you need a bit more time to migrate your configuration, use bucket attribute api_version and set it to v2.4. This will give you time until Facebook shuts down this version completely (Monday April 11th).