GoodData Writer failures in EU region

There is some problem on GoodData API since about 08:00 UTC which causes failures on some model updates and data loads.

We are investigating the problem with GoodData support and will keep you updated.

Update 14:20 UTC - The GoodData Technical Support team is still investigating this issue.

Our GoodData writer component has not changed since January, so we are waiting for a clarification of the root cause from their support team.

Update 15:10 UTC - This issue is related to GoodData's release today. They are preparing a hotfix for it and expect it to be deployed in a few hours.

Update June 5, 08:20 UTC - The problem has been resolved. GoodData deployed a hotfix for their API last night. Since June 4 21:00 UTC we have not seen any new errors from the GoodData Writer.