Dropbox Extractor (v2)

It is my tremendously big pleasure to announce an important update - Dropbox Extractor component was updated in Keboola Connection (KBC) and this new version is officially released and available for everybody.   

It's been quite a while since the original version was developed. So happened, it was one of my first components written in Node.js and also my first-ever KBC component where I didn't use a generic UI, but developed a custom one (I also used React for the first time). I loved that, but (on the other hand) I was also aware the first version was anything, but perfect.

The new version is here and the main reason for this update is the end of the support of the Dropbox API v1 (used in the original extractor). It became deprecated and (by the end of the June 2017) this old API stops working completely. 

Good news is that this new version of the Dropbox extractor brings a lot of important and valuable improvements. The main change is usage of the official Dropbox Chooser component. You can easily authorize and select csv files from your Dropbox. The Chooser component generates a link (you can paste already existing one) and all these links are encrypted in the KBC configuration, so the whole process is very fast (even with large files), convenient and secure.

Migration note: There are breaking changes between the previous (v1) and new (v2) versions and if you use the original Dropbox Extractor (v1) and want to keep using Dropbox extractor in KBC in the future (after June 28, 2017), you have to create a new configuration in this updated version (v2) and select all your required files again. Unfortunately, no automated migration tool between v1 and v2 is available as the architecture is completely different.

I would love to say big thanks to Keboola, Tomáš Kačur in particular. He provided very helpful feedback as well as helped me to fine-tune the UI part. 

This extractor is developed independently by Radek Tomášek. For more information on how to use this extractor, please refer to the documentation. In case you run into some issues or you have more questions about the usage of the component (e.g. migration between the old and new version), please don't hesitate to contact me directly.