Dropbox Extractor

It's difficult for me to write a quick summary about Dropbox Extractor - project that I had been developing and tuning for a while. But I'll try anyway and I am sure the wait for the result was worth it!

First of all, thank you for your patience! :-) The main reason for such a long development time was that I wanted to reach the best user experience I could. Of course, the first idea was to use a default GUI for Docker infrastructure. But I guess this approach would be enough only for specific connectors like iTunes Connect or Youtube Reporting Api, not for Dropbox, where a bigger adoption is expected (if the UX is good enough).

For that reason I was sure I wanted to write my own GUI that makes the work with the Dropbox very straightforward. The idea sounded great, but my problem was I had little (almost none, in other words) knowledge of frontend development and zero knowledge of React/Flux. However, my eagerness to reach a certain level of JavaScript full-stack development competence helped me to start with actual development and learn everything on the fly. And I never regret that decision, despite the fact, it took me a little bit more time to really understand what is going on, how to write a React/Flux code and how components in Keboola Connector are composed.

A month ago a production version was completed, but I still wanted to add some more features and improve the overall user-experience. Now I can proudly share the result of that effort. In a nutshell, you can simply select files from your Dropbox and upload them to your Keboola storage, but after a deeper look you will find features like:

- Selecting CSV files and assign them to various KBC buckets (one file can be assigned to multiple buckets).

- In case of selecting two files with the same name, they will either keep the actual name (if two different buckets had been selected) or distinguish between each other by adding a simple hash.

- Bulk or single file upload.

- Output table details in configuration list.

Well, I would love to say thanks to Keboola developers, to Martin Halamicek in particular. His hints and debugging skills helped to define what the Dropbox Extractor is now today and I just hope you enjoy it in the same way as I do! And of course, any feedback is welcome! Enjoy!