Docker updates

Quay Integration

(Read on if you build components for KBC, feel free to go on with your life if you don't):

Our technically brave customers and partners might have noticed an outage in DockerHub automated build system that affected our docker-based components on the 16th and 17th of November. We were not happy with Docker's (lack of) communication regarding this outage. To prevent from similar occurrences in the future (and to provide alternative) we have implemented integration with Quay as well. Quay provides the same functionality as DockerHub, offering nicer UI on top of it. In case a future DockerHub outage affects you in any way, you can switch your images to Quay and we can hot-swap component configuration.

Support for image tags

On November 9th DockerHub changed default tag of the latest automated image build from latest to master (branch name). When adding a Docker image as a component in Keboola Connection you can now choose which tag will be pulled from the repository.

Curious about Docker integration in Keboola Connection? You can build your own (data) apps and run them on our infrastructure, read more here.