Degraded Snowflake Performance (EU region) - April 8, 2020

We are investigating decreased performance of Snowflake in EU region which unfortunately reoccured after previous resolutions. We are in touch in with Snowflake support. Job performance and sandbox loading times may be affected. Next update at 12:30pm UTC.

Update 12:30 UTC: We are handling the performance issue with Snowflake support, we've offset the slowdown by scaling up the cluster. We'll have more information in about an hour. We caught the issue early on, so we hope it will have minimal impact on jobs, apart from a small slowdown. So far we've seen 3 job failures because of this across the whole EU region. We'll post another update at 14:30 UTC or sooner if there are any new information or situation changes. 

Update 14:30 UTC: We are still working with Snowflake on resolving the issue. The situation is currently stable and we did not see any jobs failing since the last update. Our main goal is currently to mitigate the issue before the midnight job surge. Next update in 18:30 UTC or sooner if there are any new information or situation changes. 

Update 18:15 UTC: We are still working on mitigating the slowdown. We've seen only 3 related job failures since last update, so we still consider the situation stable. We think that the issue will be resolved in the following hour.

Update 19:30 UTC: We're monitoring the situation and the performance is improved and close to previous values. We should have fresh aggregated monitoring data an aprroximately 15 minutes and we expect them to show complete recovery to the standard performance. 

Update 20:01 UTC: The issue has been resolved.