Column, table or bucket metadata possibly overwritten

We’re investigating possible issue with column, table and bucket metadata in all stacks. We’re seeing suspicious behaviour when running output mapping from a workspace (e. g. Snowflake transformation or SQL Workspace). Under yet unknown conditions column, table or bucket metadata may have been overwritten. This should not affect any existing configurations or jobs. 

Next update in 24 hours or when new information is available. 

UPDATE Dec 2 16:25 UTC: We can confirm issue with metadata, the issue occurs when column, table or bucket metadata has two (or more) metadata with the same key but different provider. Then if metadata is updated for one provider, values will change for all of them. We still investigating scope of issue, next update in 24 hours or when new information is available.

UPDATE Dec 3 9:03 UTC: We have fixed the issue that caused the overwriting of metadata. We found out the problem influenced only buckets, tables or columns in their own scope (no data was mixed between projects, buckets, tables and columns). Now we are investigating scope of affected projects. We're also examining the option of backfilling the overwritten data from backups.Next update in a week or sooner if there are new information available.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.