Weeks in Review -- September 12, 2016

Google Drive Extractor

Google Drive Extractor has been revamped. Not much has changed, this was standard update due to our container based infrastructure. Just one thing to mention -- its UI is much faster. Read more about New incarnation of Google Drive Extractor.

Migration tool for Google Analytics Extractor

Another important thing is Migration Tool for new Google Analytics Extractor.

Transformation/Sandboxes Provisioning

Also, we have changed the way how Redshift transformations and sandboxes are provisioned. Migration of existing projects is prepared to week from September 26th to September 30th.

Custom SQL Aliases

We decided to drop support for custom SQL aliases (existing aliases will continue to work), due to theirs rare usage. You can still use Simple Aliases, which are now supported for Redshift backend too.

As always, we did many small improvements:

  • Search in components while creating new orchestration (UI)

  • AdWords Extractor update to new AdWords API v201607 (Extractor Backend)
  • Automated Configuration Adjustment (UI)
  • Show Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) status in users list -- not enabled MFA produces warning (UI)